Finding My Inner Child

Finding My Inner Child

When I got to SL, the first thing that really disturbed me was the presence of child avatars, for various reasons. First of all, SL can be a pretty benign space but there ARE adult areas and the thought of child avatars in such areas or in such circumstances made me feel very uncomfortable (even if they are played by adults).

Then there was that twee baby talk. “I fought you were going to get me that pway toy, Daddy.. Imma gonna cwy wifout it!” Ugh! I came to SL to be an adult and to get away from children (and real children don’t talk like that anyway)!

Finding My Inner Child

Then I met Marianne McCann in real life at SLCC and learned what a nice gentle person she is and realized that there are reasons people might choose to be children here that have the same sort of cross-personing reason that say, some of my friends who are RL men are women here or RL women friends are men here. It’s just a more comfortable way to be. (That still doesn’t excuse that horrid baby talk and Marianne never speaks like that, blessedly.)

A friend has a child alt and she convinced me to try being a child myself. I was resistant at first, but I wanted to explore another avatar for my blog as I have done in the past. She took me shopping, and I filled in my child persona pretty quickly and happily. She made me realize that dressing up my little girl was as fun as dressing up my big girl and that sometimes being a child allows one to … be a child. You can play games, dress up in silly combos, act goofy with your friends and not worry about being sexy or dignified or responsible (for bills, not behavior). And people give you a wide berth.

Finding My Inner Child

So allow me to introduce you to my inner child, Harper. Harper is a kind of bossy, spoiled little 4 year-old. Bossy in that she tells everyone on her sim what to do; spoiled in that she has a very full inventory and lots of pretty dresses, like this one from Rory Larnia. With its big pastel polka dots, lacey hem, empire waistline and little bows at the shoulders, it’s the ideal little girl dress—fun, pretty, and cheerful. My shoes are available at the sale at 4.44.4444 and I let out a little “squee” when I saw them.

Another reason I wanted to do a child avatar is because I found this totally awesome store of children’s jewelry. It’s kind of a high-end store, and might be for slightly older girls, but there were some pretty things I couldn’t do without. This is the kind of store for little girls with rich parents who give them things because they can. The store itself has a very comfy but chic interior and the jewelry as it’s displayed is very upscale. This is not a store for little orphan Annies.

Finding My Inner Child

Finally, I am wearing a shape from Stephberry Delling’s new shop. She has shapes for both women and girls, and when I undertook this little project, I was a little intimidated by having to make a little girl shape. Stephberry fixed that for me. I am wearing a freckled skin from Gala Phoenix because Stephberry recommended it in her style card. My only beef about having done this is I chose a skin with heavy eye makeup but she just looks like she has nice eyelashes, as so many little girls do. My hair is from BlueStarRUI Villota, who has a great selections of like hair that would suit any little girl. The bows are color change!

Finding My Inner Child

Don’t hate me because I’m cute…

Hair: [Love Soul] Hair*109*Cocoa by BlueStarRUI Villota for [Love Soul]

Skin: :GP: Sundust Frex [Light] Pout-Brat 1 by Gala Phoenix for Curio *

Shape: {Trinket} Tilly Child Shape by Stephberry Delling for {Trinket} *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Lagoon (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: ~* Larnia Kids *~ colorful dots by Rory Larnia for ~* Larnia Kids *~

Necklace: :love always: :necklace: Giddy (Spine) by Matches Nikita for :love always: *

Pin: :love always: :button: lil miss bossy by Matches Nikita for :love always: *

Bracelets: :love always: :bangle: this and that (left forearm) and :love always: Blossom – Pink (Bracelet Right) by Matches Nikita for :love always: *

Teddy Bear: toy_bear12_chocolate by Sakuya Lane for Feather

Shoes: ::Duh!:: Pink Mary Janes by Renee Harvy for Duh!, available at 4.44.444

P.S. My RL dad saw me like this and he said I looked just like I did at 4… ha!

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