Olive Oil

Olive Oil

You might think I am going to talk about Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive Oyl, but no, I am going to talk briefly about olive oil. A few blocks from my house is a store that sells only olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Pff, I thought, how extravagant. A whole store for just olive oil.. probably overpriced. I thought it was pure foolishness until I bought some and oh goodness. Now my pesto pasta tastes like food warmed in the Tuscan sun. The wilted spinach Eshi made the other night with it was absolutely delicious—green and leafy and grassy. The balsamic is equally as good—18 years old and sweet and dark and lovely.

Olive Oil

The reason I bring it up has more to do with what friends have been going through lately than anything. A dear SL friend of mine was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and on Monday he had an operation to remove it and to see what else lie ahead. I have not heard from him since Sunday night, of course. I remember one night when he was on a business trip and took himself out to dinner and had a most delicious meal and told me all about it. The joy with which he described each dish was enthralling. He knew how to live before he knew he had cancer, and I am positive he will know how to do so after all this. I just pray he gets over the hump with the least amount of stress or pain in the meantime. Sometimes you have to take yourself out to dinner or buy yourself the extravagant olive oil because it’s worth it.

I am wearing this short little number, a bit of hot pepper for his olive oil. Made by Eclectic Wingtips, this little number is a 1L. Yep. That’s it. Eclectic has a few of these treasures mixed in her store to get you over to see her stuff—and buy. Eclectic is trying to raise money for some necessary medical equipment she needs and every Linden you spend will go towards that. Help a gal out. I wear it with tights from Jamie Holmer, who offers them in a rainbow of colors, and gloves from Yuli Orman. My chic little booties are from Pixieplumb Flanagan with color change textures for the boots, the metal and the soles/heels.

Olive Oil

My skin is a beauty from Agony Helse, who has teamed up with her partner, KaoZ Koba in doing men’s and women’s skins for Akeruka. KaoZ used to be the male part of the Damiani skin line, and a girl could do worse than walk among the hunks that KaoZ creates. This beautiful skin shows Agony’s Italian influence—deep smokey eyes, full sexy lips, a sleek and exotic face. My hair is one of Kavar Cleanslate’s newest, which has sexy wisps floating out of the hair loosely tied in back.

Olive Oil

This is for you, bud. I better hear from you soon ;)

Hair: ::Exile:: Cady:Roots-Maraschino by Kavar Cleanslate for ::Exile:: *

Skin: Akeruka Alba 02 Nat by Agony Helse for Akeruka *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: e! Winifred Dress – Red by Eclectic Wingtips for e! *

Tights: INDI – Knit Tights light grey by Jamie Holmer for INDI *

Earrings: erratic / hoop earrings / silver by Erratic Rain for erratic

Belt: !Rfyre Ank Belt. Black, Womens by SC Tracy for RFyre *

Gloves: (Yuli)- GX Fingerless Gloves by Yuli Orman for (Yuli)

Boots: BM Petra Boot by Pixieplumb Flanagan for Baby Monkey *

Poses by Luth Brodie for Reel Expression

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