Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

It’s never to early to say “Happy Holidays!” October has been a month chock full of Jewish holidays. Diwali was a couple weeks ago for Hindu people. And right now is Eid al-Adha, the festival of sacrifice, for Muslim people. It occurred to me (as I am already thinking about Christmas presents—I have a lot of knitting to do before Dec. 25), that all these religious celebrations bring people together and give them time to enjoy each other’s company, which may include eating, praying, decorating, dancing, singing, or just talking.

OK, it’s a simple idea but profound when you think about people all over the world enjoying their families and friends for various reasons in patches of days, here and there. It feels like somewhere in the world, someone is enjoying a holiday and their spirituality and is happy. It’s a good thing.

Happy Holidays

I opted to dress festively in this beautiful ensemble from Maizon Rayna. She has made another beautiful sari with bright colors that still survive the translucency and ornate gold textures. I wear it with a jewelry set that Matchbook Monday will be offering at the Vintage Fair, a beautiful set that came to me just as I put on this sari. Pure kismet.

Happy Holidays

My skin is from Meghindo Romano. I am not sure if I would suggest that this beauty is Indian—the skin still has the hallmarks of a more African or African-American woman, but there is no doubt she is gorgeous, especially with light hazel eyes from Ikon Innovia. My updo is one of Elikapeka Tiramisu’s classics.

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays, everyone, for this month and the coming months :)

Hair: [e] Charmed – Black 04 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira

Skin: {Meghindo’s} ~ BLK ~  Au Naturelle ~ Tan ~ by Meghindo Romano for {Meghindo’s} *

Makeup: Miamai_LesMakeups_Eyeliner 02 by monica Outlander for Miamai *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Hazel (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Sari: DHARA by Maizon Rayna for Terra d’Ombre

Jewelry: : Amorous : Antiquarian Teal by Matchbook Monday for Amorous, for the Vintage Fair *


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