Water is the driving force of all nature. ~ Leonardo di Vinci


One of the most beautiful and almost tangible parts of SL is the water. It shimmers, it reflects, it envelops us in its cool blue. So to drop into its sweet depths and walking in it is a beautiful fantasy. This dress from Mami Jewell makes that fantasy come to life. With shimmering sheer watercolor translucent hues, the soft swirl of materials around the body is nothing so much as the flow of water around the body.


I pair it with a beautifully natural skin from Gala Phoenix. Somethign about the definition of this face makes the entire look so much better—the darker brows, the well-defined eyes, and the soft neutral pink lips.And of course, the beautifully drawn body peeked between the sheer scarves of the dress. My blue flowing hair is a beautiful silhouette and remarkable texture for this look. MissAllSunday Lemon knocked it out of the park with this one.

Finally, I draw attention to my eyes, the creation of Ikon Innovia. Before Ikon brought his eyes to the public, I begged him not to make crazy colors. I was tired of seeing the unnaturally flat light blue eyes so many people thought were attractive. Ikon’s first line presented some beautiful choices, both light and dark, and nothing outrageous. However with his newest Utopia line, he brings in the fantastic colors without making them absurd or flat. The depths of this particular pair is artistic, arresting and captivating. Who knew a simple pair of eyes could do so much?


In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it. ~ Lao Tzu

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sybille2 Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Aquatic by MissAllSunday Lemon for /Wasabi Pills/ *

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] May-Blackbird 1 by Gala Phoenix for Curio *

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Bahama Green (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: -AZUL- Calypso/Opal(MVW2012/Miss Greece) by Mami Jewell for –AZUL- *

Shoes: Ingenue :: Audrei :: Teal by Betty Doyle for Ingenue *


3 thoughts on “Water

  1. I adore these eyes. The unnatural colors don’t have to be a bore :D They make me question my commitment to the dark eyes so lovely.

  2. Cartoon hands roughened by the viscitudes of a cursed exile in the deep forest, lay out again the tale of once and future days … Upheld on … on a rough oak table that has served time to time for raucous banquet and sole repast, the anchor for our gathering, bringing us home from tales of adventure told late into the night … More than once the scene of a drunken dalliance with the scully wench, but now my only alternative to the damp earth under my feet … A simple place to write.

    An old paga bottle holding the candle stub leads my eye up as a thin trail of smoke rises from its flame to the low ceiling above … Soot stained cold granite boulder under which i’ve called home, in a place i’ve called my life … The ever present smell of smoke, a reminder of the night i tried to burn down this damned cave half cottage in the remote corner of Cardonicus … The night Raven told me Pugface or whatever his name was had returned and that he owned her afterall.

    Remnants of a once fine quill scratching on used parchment … Ink blotches soaking through from the last time it was pressed into service, only that time it was a sketch … A new house even more improbable. Strands of a very wrong shade of purple hair fall into my eyes …

    Drawing snide comments for tough guys at the market … But worse, the maven of fashion herself had weighed in and it was found light.

    PURPLEHEAD … A hand grips the bone handle of the knife hidden in my cloak …. My cloak? My muddy boots never felt so crude and the mud never so alien.

    What’s all this talk about water?

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