Welcome Home, Soldier

Welcome Home, Soldier

Thousands of soldiers are coming home from Iraq still (while still others are still being deployed to Afghanistan). While we have been enjoying the comforts of our homes, these soldiers, both men and women, have been engaging in combat in the name of dubious reasons. I, for one, never wanted them to go, and I am glad they are finally coming home. I want the rest to get back safe and sound as quickly as possible from Afghanistan.

While they were gone, loved ones waited for them, connecting to them through phone calls, and Skype and emails and letters, but that couldn’t have been enough. I wish there was a program for returning veterans where they could run off with their partners, spouses, or sweeties for a week of rest and relaxation on a deserted island. They both need and deserve it—he or she for fighting, and the counterpart for keeping the home fires burning.

Welcome Home, Soldier

My lovely has definitely kept a fire burning for her soldier. With the most delicate of lace lingerie from Zaara Kohime (who ups the sensuality of this lingerie with bright ribbons of color), this soldier’s lover has adorned herself to be most inviting and welcoming. High platforms from Gospel Voom in a nude color, give her a boost.

Welcome Home, Soldier

My skin is Izzie Button’s newest, a fresh beautiful look for our soldier’s loved one. With a great selection of eyeliners and lipsticks, this skin, which Izzie tells me is a combination of template and photosource with a lot of hand drawing figured in, is a lovely look for our seductress. Wavy mesh locks from Truth Hawks give her soft and luxurious hair and her bedroom eyes are courtesy of Ikon.

Our vacation spot is Barnesworth Anubis’ new remake of an old classic. His Lamin Longhouse is a best seller and has been reconfigured and deprimmed to bring it down to a mere 56 prims for the building, and 220 total with all the wonderful furniture (including candles, cushy chairs, plants, pillows, bathtub, and the inviting bed). You simply can’t pass up on this gorgeous tropical paradise.

Welcome Home, Soldier

Welcome home, sweetest one, sorely missed, greatly loved. Thank you.

Hair: >TRUTH< Savina (Mesh) – chocolate by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: Izzie’s – Cassandra Skin sunkissed DB with Izzie’s – Cat Eyeliner 4 and Izzie’s – Lipgloss rose (p+sk) by Izzie Button for Izzie’s *

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Dark Brown (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Lingerie: Zaara : Chanchal Lingerie *nude* by Zaara Kohime for Zaara *

Shoes: [Gos] Pimp Your Pumps V2 – Point Platform FATPACK (nude) by Gospel Voom for Gos

Build: [ba] lamin longhouse 3.0 by Barnesworth Anubis for [ba] barnesworth anubis

Poses by Rogan Diesel for Diesel Works Animations

P is for Passion

P is for Passion

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

P is for Passion

Right before we opened Fashion for Life, Cajsa Lilliehook asked me if I would like to do a blog for a series she was organizing called “Donna Flora: A to Z.” It turns out that the woman behind Donna Flora, Squinternet Larnia, had received a diagnosis of cancer earlier this year, and while she was being treated, she was struggling with her finances, as most of her financial support came from her business in SL. Since there is no such thing as liability insurance for designers in SL, Squinternet was seeing her SL business go down because she didn’t always have the strength to get online to do her work and attend to her business.

I was more than happy to volunteer to do a blog for Squinternet. She is one of SL’s most prolific and inventive designers. I remember purchasing from her small shop on an Italian sim several years ago, wondering who this interesting designer was. She was still struggling with prims and textures, but she clearly had a vision of design—a true passion for fashion—and she wanted to bring it to SL.

P is for Passion

She has since grown her store tremendously, occupying a full sim in a lovely Tuscan-themed build, with not just clothing, but hair, shoes, and absolutely exquisite jewelry. It is her jewelry, in fact, that pegged her as one of SL’s finest jewelry designers, which is pretty amazing because I always got the impression her jewelry was a result of “necessity being the mother of invention.” I got the idea she wasn’t out to be a jewelry maker specifically. She made the jewelry she wanted for the clothes she designed but being as good as she is, she did them better than anyone else.

Incredibly, Squinternet, despite having to relocate for treatment, despite being on some pretty heavy-duty drugs, logged on and set up her shop at Fashion for Life. No one asked her to do so; Cajsa was putting up an exhibit in Squinternet’s shop at my request so we could honor Squinternet and send some good thoughts her way. Nevertheless, Squinternet persisted, and she joined in our efforts, DESPITE being ill. Squinternet showed up–she who had the best excuse for not being there.

P is for Passion

She recently dropped this dress on me. Her persistence, her passion, amazes me. She brings to this dress all her great skills and artistry—the high-waisted skirt is sleek and chic with a perfect satiny sheen and the small perfect detail of stitched darts in the front. The top is a lush rose with a low cut back and ruffles one shoulder and beads at the other with silver embroidery tying it all together. Squinternet is about silhouette and style and she ties the smallest details together with the best proportions.

This is the bottom line: shop at Donna Flora. Help Squinternet get through a tough time. Enjoy her artistry and skills. Make her passion a part of your second life.

P is for Passion

“Never underestimate the power of passion.” ~ Eve Sawyer

Hair: V. Swan Song :: brown with V. new hair base (2011-9-22) :: brown by Marleen Vaughan for VAUGHAN’S :: house of curiosities

Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Harper Sunblessed Blues by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve *

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Sand (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON

Dress: * Donna Flora * APRIL by Squinternet Larnia for Donna Flora *

Earrings: ::je suis…eternelle::earrings by Julia Merosi for je suis

Shoes: Ingenue :: Khan Heels (l) :: Bruise by Betty Doyle for Ingenue *

Poses by Dove Swanson for Long Awkward Pose



After a big job, people like to take a little vacation. I personally wanted to lounge by the pool and get some sun. I took the chance to sit by WK Ganesvoort’s beautiful pool at Costa Rica and take in some windlight.


I love this little bikini from Aranel Ah. I am betting I have blogged it before ebcause I am so fond of it. I love the colors, the cut and the little sculpty bows. I put on Xenobia Foxclaw’s cute color-change cowboy hat with it to keep the sun out of my eyes. She is donating all proceeds from this to Relay for Life in her store.


I am stretching out in a beautiful skin by Gala Phoenix and Ikon Innovia’s sparkling eyes. My mesh braids from MissAllSunday Lemon are perfect under this hat. She is going non stop with mesh hair—check her out!


Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.  ~Pooh’s Little Instruction Book, inspired by A.A. Milne

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Cherilyn Mesh Hair – Chocolate by MissAllSunday Lemon for /Wasabi Pills/ *

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] GoGo-Velvet Morning 1 by Gala Phoenix for Curio *

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Sand (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Swimsuit: *BOOM* Infinity Halter Classic Hibiscus-Brown and *BOOM* Infinity Raised Classic Hibiscus-Brown by Aranel Ah for BOOM

Hat: Time Warp by Xenobia Foxclaw for Xen’s Hats *

Bracelet: SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Medium (Wear Me) by Abraxxa Anatine for Earthstones

Feet: SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Medium (Wear Me) by Siddean Munro for SLink

New Friends

New Friends

Me: I just wore my glass of wine and my hair fell off!

Roe: Aw do what I do. Just put your hair back on and drink out of the bottle!

New Friends

I attended the Rez Day party for Roe Woodford today. Roe, a lady I recently met because of her amazing work in coordinating two fashion shows for Fashion for Life, is a sparkling, fun-loving woman with a deep heart. The minute I popped in world today, Roe was inviting me to her party with her friends, and I was touched. All gathered in voice, her friends chattered about shopping, fashion, being newbies, and personal stories. Roe leaves a trail of smiles and happiness behind her as this group of ladies can attest.

This dress reminds me of Roe because of its bright color and glittering features. One of Zalyn Bailey’s FFL offerings, the skirt is slit up the leg on this sexily fashioned qipao. I loved the detail of the frog closure collar and the translucent bolero sweeping down into a swirling skirt over an electric pink sheath. So sophisticated!

Agony Helse’s lush makeup for her Meg skin fits this ensemble perfectly. Ikon Innovia’s eyes pop in a subtle light green and mesh hair from Truth Hawk (who seems to be making style after style of long wavy sexy locks) completes the look. Roe would probably work me over still but I hope she’s proud.

New Friends

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.” ~ Marcelene Cox

Hair: >TRUTH< Dee (Mesh) – sandlewood by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: Akeruka Meg Tan New MK(Fashion for Life 2012) by Agony Helse for Akeruka

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Aspen (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON

Dress: *VoguE* Qipao ~ Lavender by Zalyn Bailey for *VoguE*

Ring: ::je suis…eternelle::ring by Julia Merosi for je suis

Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Platform “Pink” by Claire Messenger for N-core

The Pink of Perfection

The Pink of Perfection

“Pink is the color of romance and a friend tells me that the girl with the pink dress at the party is the one who is selected for each dance.” ~ Alfred Carl Hottes

The Pink of Perfection

I’m back in the saddle and happy to be home. I literally threw myself into my virtual sofa and started GLADLY sorting inventory. I found this cute dress nestled among my many packages—a combo of flexi, mesh, sculpty and system pieces from LeeZu Baxter. LeeZu is really coming into her own, mixing up all the elements that SL offers to create a unified and darling look. This is where LeeZu breaks free from other mesh makers, using the best of mesh with the best of other mediums to make something that looks fun and cute. It takes MORE than a mesh piece to turn my head—LeeZu does it!

The Pink of Perfection

My skin is the long-awaited-for beauty from Aida Ewing. Women from all over the grid were lining up at her store, waiting to get their hands on this beauty like it was a new iPad. And there’s good reason they wanted it. Aida has added texture to her skin—pores and freckles make the skin come alive and the eye makeups are her usual beautifully-line, expressive eyes and luscious perfectly shaped lips. This skin is perfection.

The Pink of Perfection

Ask me to dance ;)

Hair: *Dura-Girl*34(Dark Brown) by chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah MedTan – 06 D by aida Ewing for –Glam Affair- *

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Pale Gray (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: [LeeZu!] Sandys Petticoat Dress – pink by LeeZu Baxter for [LeeZu!] *

Necklace: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Vintage Watch Key Necklace – White by Caroline Apollo by (Caroline’s Jewelry) *

Shoes: Kalnins Footwear – Scarlett Fatpack by Maris Kanto for Kalnins

It’s Time.. But Not Much Longer

It's Time.. But Not Much Longer

Fashion for Life will be closing at midnight tonight and that will be another year concluded. A longer post detailing everyone’s considerable contributions will be going out tomorrow.

As for today, I want to remind everyone why we do Fashion for Life: we do it, indeed, to raise money for Relay for Life in SL. We do it to kick off the Relay for Life season in SL with a extravagant, beautiful event that lets hundreds of creators participate, giving momentum to the whole RFL season. Most importantly, however, we do it to remind our fellow residents—those who are survivors, those who are patients, those who are caregivers, and those who are loved ones—that we care. This is our way of telling cancer we won’t give up. I said this last year and it bears repeating:

Cancer can seem like a diagnosis without hope; we want to give even the smallest bit of hope we can.

It's Time.. But Not Much Longer

That being said, let me show you this last minute generous donation from Sonatta Morales. For a mere 200L donated to Relay for Life, you can get this beautiful Sonatta Morales dress. Now if you know Sonatta’s work, you know it’s the highest quality available in SL with an eye for the smallest details. I saw on this dress that she has overlaid a sheer, zebra print over a sexy bodice and has carefully trimmed all the edges. It’s a low donation for such a quality piece of work.

She put it out today to get you to come here and get it to benefit Relay for Life. Get it today because tomorrow, it will be gone.

Gospel Voom said not a word to me but went straight to his work when he participated in Fashion for Life. He registered, set up his store, and left, with some gorgeous offerings benefiting Relay for Life including these chic pumps.

It's Time.. But Not Much Longer

I show the skin the whole grid is talking about—Aida Ewing’s new Leah. I keep hearing in groups how beautiful it is and I put it on and indeed, it’s something else. I think Aida has really hit it on the head this time, creating someting that will appeal to many with its freshness, it’s absolutely delicious eye makeup and lips and its wonderful tone.

My eyes, they sparkle, because Ikon Innovia decided to come back to Fashion for Life. Last year he debuted his eyes at Fashion for Life and became the talk of the town with his beautiful, deep peppers. This year he returns with a new line and a fresh look to his brand. Thanks for coming back, toots ;)

It's Time.. But Not Much Longer

There’s time enough, but none to spare. ~ Charles W. Chesnutt

Hair:  *Dura-Boys&Girls*29(Dark Brown) by Chiaki Xue for Dura*

Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah MedTan – 05 D by Aida Ewing for –Glam Affair-*

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Gray-Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON, available on the DreamSeeker Zeit sim at Fashion for Life

Dress: Savanna by Sonatta Morales *8* by Sonatta Morales for Sonatta Morales on the DreamSeeker Volta sim at Fashion for Life

Shoes: [Gos] Pimp Your Pumps V2 – Classic Platform FATPACK [Bagged] by Gospel Voom for Gos, available on the DreamSeeker Zeit sim at Fashion for Life

P.S Done in the new Firestorm. Can get depth of field to photo now but have horrible lines in the photos if I do high res. Do NOT tell me it’s my graphics card, Miro!

Past Future

Past Perfect

When Troy Vogel agreed to build for Fashion for Life, I nearly fainted. I had met him at the SL 8th Birthday and we hit it off (mostly because I was a huge fan girl and he was a gracious person). If you have ever been to his Mission Home store, you would know what I mean. It’s all just stunning.

Past Perfect

Wehn I told Troy I was putting him on a “Future” sim at FFL, he was a little surprised but open. When I told him I was putting Sonatta Morales on his sim, he was delighted. I pictured a future sim with a retro look—kind of like the sets for Caprica. He was all for it. That’s why the trees are as they are, the ground in spots is cracked with lava—this is not the past—it IS the future.

And darn if Sonatta didn’t set up the most exquisite shop. I love how she has put out earrings and shoes, jewelry, furniture, rugs. It is absolutely charming and absolutely perfect for the sim. This dress is also perfect and one of her Fashion for Life offerings. With a beautiful print, a perfectly proportioned sculpty skirt (that makes sense—skirts like this DON’T flex in RL), and a bow at the waist, this dress is ideal in many ways. She even made matching shoes!

Past Perfect

I pair it with this future-world skin from AcIde Innovia, which is one of her FFL offerings. Imagine this: water is scarce, the sun is too bright. Perhaps women have to wear a layer over their RL skin to provide protection and keep moisture in their bodies. And perhaps this skin is gray so as to deflect sun with its special properties. I don’t know. I am taking cold medications (FFL has finally worn me down), but it all fits into the theme I think.

Past Perfect

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. ~ Albert Einstein

Hair: * 0 Style *Cherie *(Raven)_M by Rei Gully for Zero Style

Skin: [Katsucide] Sandra Cendre – Automne – CL – HB – Light by AcIde Innovia for [Katsucide] on the DreamSeeker Vrijeme sim

IKON Utopia Eyes – Hazel (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON on the DreamSeeker Zeit sim

Aldebaran by Sonatta Morales *8* FFL for Sonatta Morales, Esteemed Sponsor for Fashion for Life on the DreamSeeker Volta sim

Photographed on DreamSeeker Volta, built entirely by Troy Vogel

The Kitty Liberation Front

If you ever heard of the Gnome Liberation Front or have seen the movie Amelie, you will know what this all about—liberation! I got the FFL KittyCatS (and even one wearing the vest KittyCatS is donating for FFL), and liberated them! That means I took them all over the sims and took photos of them in different places to show Callie I am liberating them.

The Kitty Liberation Front

The Parisian pair (called KittyCatS! Fashionista Feline Homme – FFL 2012 and KittyCatS! Fashionista Feline Femme – FFL 2012) were taken from the DreamSeekers Czas sim and whisked over to the DreamSeeker Aika sim where they felt more at home.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Then the two found themselves on the top of the clock tower at the DreamSeeker Its Time sim.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Our little tabby wearing the custom FFL vest KittyCatS is offering found himself lost among some trees on DreamSeeker Vrijeme.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Our Feline Femme found herself up a tree on DreamSeeker Volta, a little confused about its futuristic style.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Our Feline Homme discoveredthe roof of the movie theater at DreamSeeker Zeit.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Then our Feline Femme wandered over to the DreamSeeker Epoque sim to take time to smell the flowers…

The Kitty Liberation Front

…while our Feline Homme pondered Roman philosophy at the DreamSeeker Momentum sim.

The Kitty Liberation Front

The two met up on DreamSeeker Tijd sim to bask in the sun under the rays of the disco glove in the secret Mondrian pool built atop one of the buildings.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Somehow all three KittyCatS thought the catwalk on DreamSeeker Tiempo was built just for them. Silly KittyCatS!

The Kitty Liberation Front

Finally our Feline Homme found himself back at DreamSeeker Czas, lost in a waterfall and wishing he was safe back in his home at the KittyCatS store….

Find KittyCatS on the DreamSeeker Czas sim where you can purchase either one of the Fashionista Felines or cute vests for your own KittyCatS. Please note, the Fashionista Felines are NOT breedable cats—simply cute ones to decorate your home, office or store. No food NEEDED. Just love and a few free prims ;)

Where I’ve Been

Where I've Been

I hate those blogs that start out with “I know I haven’t blogged in a week but I have been busy cleaning my sock drawer and solving world hunger.” Well, I have been doing neither. I have been working on Fashion for Life. If you don’t know about this or don’t know I have been working on FFL, well.. where have YOU been?

Where I've Been

I have been shopping as much as anyone. I walk to place a kiosk and something catches my eye and soon enough I am right clicking everything in sight. (The gachas are particularly captivating to my chagrin and the pain of my inventory.) Mami Jewell is offering this absolutely gorgeous dress as one of her Fashion for Life donations, and I have to say, I was mesmerized. From the deep pink color highlighted with glittering edges to the beautiful sprays of flowers at the shoulder, waist and hip. Come to Fashion for Life to get this dress with 100% of proceeds going to Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society!

Where I've Been

I donned one of Pompeja Rossini’s gorgeous Fashion for Life exclusive skins to wear with this dress. I was entranced by its glamorous look and beautiful make ups. My eyes are a pair generously offered in a set from Audrey Lamede. She has donated almost ALL the content in her store for Relay for Life, and it’s a win to get these gorgeous eyes. My hair is a gorgeous updo from Tabata Jewell, another great win for Fashion for Life.

Where I've Been

Beautiful and fighting cancer too!

Hair: Vanity Hair:Romance-Vainille Highlights by Tabata Jewell for Vanity Hair on the DreamSeeker Zeit sim

Skin: LaVie Meimei #5 by Pompeja Rossini for LaVie on the DreamSeeker Czas sim

Eyes: .ID. FFL / Blue by Audrey Lamede for Insufferable Dastard on the DreamSeeker Aika sim

Dress: -AZUL-(FFL2012) Michela(MVW2012/Miss USA) by Mami Jewell for –Azul- on the DreamSeeker Its Time sim

Photos taken on the DreamSeeker Vrijeme sim.

Embarrassing Stories



My dad reminded me of his favorite story about me. When I was a teenager, I would drive downtown to attend rehearsals for a music ensemble at the local university. It always made my mom nervous because I would have to drive through some less-than-ideal neighborhoods in my old clunky Nova in the evening, and she always worried that my car would break down or I would have an accident.

It so happened that a very cute boy in this wind ensemble decided he liked me and so, when we had a pizza party one evening, he let his crush be known and we ended up out in the parking lot in my car, making out. Time ran away from us and before long, it was midnight, so I kicked him out and raced home (this was before cell phones).

There sat my dad with a smirk on his face. “Where have you been young lady?”

(And this is the part that cracks him up.) “I was making out with a boy and I lost track of time. I am sorry.” And I turned and went straight upstairs to bed.

Embarrassing Stories

That story came up because he was thanking me for never causing him trouble. I was boring—let’s face it. So I try to have more fun in SL. This dress from LeeZu Baxter has the terrific look that makes SL fun. The great texture on the dress, the excellent system pieces, and most importantly the mesh portion that LeeZu has made. Instead of fitting the entire mesh piece over the torso, this mesh goes between the legs into the thighs, simply to create the sexy silhouette you see here. This is a great use of mesh—the reason mesh exists—the skirt never breaks and doesn’t lie over the hips and butt the way the system skirt does.

Embarrassing Stories

What makes it work even better is this luscious new ephemeral skin from Gala Phoenix. I love the beautiful lips on this skin with their pretty gloss. I compliment it with rose-colored eyes from Ikon Innovia. I love chiaki Xue’s curly blonde hair with its pretty waves.

Embarrassing Stories

“One trouble with trouble is that is usually starts out like fun”

Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*24(Blonde) by chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] Sprout-New 2 by Gala Phoenix for Curio *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Rose (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: [LeeZu!] Sophia Dress /pink by LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu! *

Boots: FINESMITH JOURNEY BOOTS- Winter sunset by yula Finesmith for Finesmith