The Kitty Liberation Front

If you ever heard of the Gnome Liberation Front or have seen the movie Amelie, you will know what this all about—liberation! I got the FFL KittyCatS (and even one wearing the vest KittyCatS is donating for FFL), and liberated them! That means I took them all over the sims and took photos of them in different places to show Callie I am liberating them.

The Kitty Liberation Front

The Parisian pair (called KittyCatS! Fashionista Feline Homme – FFL 2012 and KittyCatS! Fashionista Feline Femme – FFL 2012) were taken from the DreamSeekers Czas sim and whisked over to the DreamSeeker Aika sim where they felt more at home.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Then the two found themselves on the top of the clock tower at the DreamSeeker Its Time sim.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Our little tabby wearing the custom FFL vest KittyCatS is offering found himself lost among some trees on DreamSeeker Vrijeme.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Our Feline Femme found herself up a tree on DreamSeeker Volta, a little confused about its futuristic style.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Our Feline Homme discoveredthe roof of the movie theater at DreamSeeker Zeit.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Then our Feline Femme wandered over to the DreamSeeker Epoque sim to take time to smell the flowers…

The Kitty Liberation Front

…while our Feline Homme pondered Roman philosophy at the DreamSeeker Momentum sim.

The Kitty Liberation Front

The two met up on DreamSeeker Tijd sim to bask in the sun under the rays of the disco glove in the secret Mondrian pool built atop one of the buildings.

The Kitty Liberation Front

Somehow all three KittyCatS thought the catwalk on DreamSeeker Tiempo was built just for them. Silly KittyCatS!

The Kitty Liberation Front

Finally our Feline Homme found himself back at DreamSeeker Czas, lost in a waterfall and wishing he was safe back in his home at the KittyCatS store….

Find KittyCatS on the DreamSeeker Czas sim where you can purchase either one of the Fashionista Felines or cute vests for your own KittyCatS. Please note, the Fashionista Felines are NOT breedable cats—simply cute ones to decorate your home, office or store. No food NEEDED. Just love and a few free prims ;)


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