Cat Ladies on the Web

Cat Ladies on Web

My partner has a KittyCats problem.

She called me today and said, “You know, Harper, I realize you hate coming here to feed my cats when I am gone, so we have come up with a new system.”

She shared her screen and showed me “The KittyCatS Cattery.”

Cat Ladies on Web

I said, “Callie, are those your cats in a website?”

“Yeah, isn’t this cool? There are safe and secure there. I can access the website from any browser and feed them and breed them wherever I am—Paris, Palm Springs, or Pensacola, and I don’t have to worry about you forgetting them and letting them all starve.”

(Needless to say, I breathed a sigh of relief.)

“But does this mean I can’t come over and play with your kitties anymore? Are they stuck in a website now?” I have to say I hate feeding them but once in a while a little cuddling is needed.

Cat Ladies on Web

Callie laughed. “No! I can get them any time using the Dock. All I do is click the kitty on the website, and it rezzes immediately in-world on the Dock. Besides, I’m not putting all my KittyCatS there—just some of them.”

Cat Ladies on Web

She starting clicking cats on the website to make them rez and immediately kicked them out the door again into the website for fun. It got a little much until I interrupted her. “So you breed these on the web too?”

She stopped clicking. “Oh yeah! I can just mate two ‘ready’ cats and they can breed on the web. This way I don’t have to be in-world to see if my cats have done their thing. And there are over 24 million combinations of cats available once they breed.”

Cat Ladies on the Web

“So no more feeding in-world? I don’t have to come over anymore while you are off on your jaunts?” I was SO happy.

“Nope,” she grinned. “When I go on vacation, I can put them all in the KittyCatS Cattery, purchase enough KittyDollars to get food online, and I am set.”

Cat Ladies on Web

I guess KittyCatS has done it again—revolutionized breedables in SL. Now if they could just sort my inventory, I would be very happy.

Cat Ladies on Web

Don’t own a KittyCat yet? Go get one at KittyCatS or log on to and check out the new KittyCatS Cattery. (And do it in bed on your iPad!)

Cat Ladies on the Web

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