The Slow Reveal

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

I will reveal the secrets behind these doors. ~ Zahi Hawass

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

Skin Addiction is having their Skin Showcase starting May 25, and Voshie was in need of a male blogger so I convinced Blunt to help me out. We dressed him up, I posed him and took the photos. The deal was that we would do the slow reveal so we could show the skins dressed… and undressed.

Blunt chose a suave suit jacket and jeans for his first outfit, most of which he got at the Warehouse, which is still open and functioning. He wore his favorite shoes from Eponymous Trenchmouth, the Shanghais, and he slowly did a strip tease for me so I could share the wonder and beauty of this new skin, a collaboration between Ramses Meredith and brox Riaxik, making a new line—Evian.

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

And hello, Alejandro, with your sexy shape, and beautiful face. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off Blunt as I photographed him. When he kept his mouth shut I could almost image he was a hunk. (However he chattered the whole time and drove me nuts. It’s really true there is more to someone than looks.)

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

The face is especially nice with a great selection of facial hair (some of it can be custom colored by you so I guess if you want a purple beard, you got it). The eyes are dreamy, the lips scrumptious and the derriere? Oh boy, oh boy.


Here are a bunch of Blunts, all gorgeous when he has his mouth SHUT, thank you. Just sit there and look pretty.

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

A man is known by the silence he keeps. ~ Oliver Herford

Hair: *Dura-Boy*24 (Black) from Dura

Skin: ALEJANDRO Medium/Hair (Body Hair) from Egoisme, available at the Skin Addiction Skin Showcase (coming soon!)

Shape: Evian -.Alejandro Shape from Egoisme

Add-on: Egoisme Addon Goatee4 Brown Bald from Egoisme

Clothes: Armidi – Casual Look / Gray from the Warehouse

Shoes: Shanghai – Black/Gray from Jeepers Creepers

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