The Masquerade

The Masquerade

Last time I did an avatar for Second Life’s Marketplace, I got tons of IMs asking for style notes so today I am just posting them here so you can all find what you need!

Let me give some notes on the assembly of the look. I didn’t want to replicate Marie Antoinette (the dresses would have looked silly in a lounging position like this). I wanted to show a woman like Marie Antoinette, who was used to a life of leisure and partying. Rogan Diesel’s posing chaise was a perfect choice.

I wanted a more contemporary hair, so Marleen Vaughan’s interpretation suited me very well. I wanted to use the very blushy skin from Hush Darkrose without the tint, so I found the perfect powder makeup to overlay it from Jacqueline Seisenbacher (which includes beauty marks—it’s brilliant).

Freya Oliveiri’s corseted lingerie had the right kind of look for what I was after—a sexy lady of leisure, resting between parties. The little handheld mask was much better than obscuring the face and eyes.

“Let them eat cake!” (which Marie Antoinette never said)

Hair: V. Marie Antoinette without Hat :: powder by Marleen Vaughan for Vaughan’s House of Curiosities, found here on Marketplace

Skin: Hush – Marin – BlueRaspberry – Honey (lb) by Hush Darkrose for Hush, also available on Marketplace

Makeup overlay: Jeunette Baroque Makeup Moderate Powder by Jacqueline Seisenbacher for Kleineschewein, found here on Marketplace

Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes – Light Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia, found here on Marketplace

Outfit (including jewelry): ::TGIS:: Dahlia Blanc [Lemon Baby] by Freya Olivieri for Mon Chéri, found here on Marketplace

Mask: Venetian mask-Side-white hand by Joy Kurosawa for Mermaid Temple Store, found on Marketplace

Shoes: baroque slipper by Nonna Hedges from Nonna Hedges

Chaise by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations, with some available here on Marketplace

2 thoughts on “The Masquerade

  1. I absolutely adore this photograph! And the clothes, and hair, and shoes, and chaise….I am getting them all and taking my picture like this. ((I’ll send you a copy!)) Congratulations, your work is superb, and you deserve the recognition of it more often!

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