Zanzo at Skin Showcase

There is nothing better than dragging a man to the outdoors and slowly stripping him naked. Yes, I said it.

Zanzo at Skin Showcase

The outdoors is the Skin Addiction Skin Showcase, set up by Voshie Paine. The stripping has to do with showing this great skin from Theodore duCasse. Blunt dressed up in a great shirt from Swaffette Firefly and khakis from the Warehouse and then slowly dressed down as I dragged him around the sim.

Zanzo at Skin Showcase

By the time we got to the forest, he was in nothing but his skivvies, and I dared him to take it all off (so we could show you, our dear readers, then entirety of the skin, of course).

Zanzo at Skin Showcase

Blunt was a little skittish about Voshie showing up and catching him like this.


I was, of course, always looking at his eyes, these included with the skin. The face is fully hand drawn with some great details, like the lines under the eyes and the shading around the cheekbones and lips. The shape included did nothing for either Blunt nor I so Blunt used his own shape, and the skin still worked though it was a markedly different shape and aesthetic. That is, in my mind, the sign of a well-done skin.

Zanzo at Skin Showcase

Hair: >TRUTH< Jason – chocolate from TRUTH

Skin and Eyes: *Zanzo* Temptation from Zanzo, at the Skin Showcase

Shirt: sf design check it out shirt with ties grey from SF Design

Pants: Armidi Limited – Low Rise Chinos [Beige] from the Warehouse

Shoes: Colbert – Black  from Jeepers Creepers


4 thoughts on “Streaking

  1. Is this bare bronzed boy Blunt single, and who dared to call him Blunt he looks really sharp to me, The socks should garters to complete the super sensuality of his sexy look.

  2. Most of all i like the image of this guy when he necked and wears only socks and boots! What else he needs…may be sunglasses only…

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