All Adventurous Women Do

All Adventurous Women Do

“I’m offended by all of the supposed tos. I don’t like women telling other women what to do or how to do it or when to do it.” ~ Jessa on Girls

All Adventurous Women Do

My newest favorite indulgence is “Girls” on HBO. Lena Dunham, a very young lady indeed (only 25), writes the show, stars in it, directs, and basically gives birth to it. It’s “Sex in the City” for the Millenials.

I love the main character, Hannah, who is at once spoiled and spunky, naive and worldly, down to earth and dreamy. She thinks she is the voice of her generation, and she may well be—the more sophisticated part of her generation—some of the 99%. The lines can be incredibly sharp and funny. (Someday I will blog the line about her “punk” look where she was told she looked like she was going to put a hex on some popular girls.) The series starts when her parents cut her off from her allowance and she is faced with making it on her own in New York City. Good luck with that!

All Adventurous Women Do

The look I have assembled is a combination of Hannah and her roommate, Marney. Marney is tall and thin, elegant, but also clumsy in her youth. I see her in this look, though she doesn’t accessorize as much as Hannah. I pile the jewelry on, all from Polyester Partridge, including a new mesh set of bracelet and earrings. Then this casual frilly mesh top from Anouk Spot (which fits well and moves so much better than a sculpty), add funky painted jeans from Callie Pearl, and end with casual clogs from Driftwood Miles. (Let me note these darling clogs come in a variety of colors in mesh, and Driftwood provided great assistance to me when I couldn’t see one of the clogs due to my own client cache issues. My fault—not his—but he was very gracious.)

All Adventurous Women Do

This skin from Irishka Hotspot, which is her offering for the Skin Showcase, is a perfect look for our “Girl.” With a youthful almost unkempt look (check those brows), this fresh skin is perfect for a natural look or as a base for other makeups. I love the hand-drawn nature of the skin, the little red glow to the nose, the slight tweak to the corner of the mouth.

Marney always wears her hair pulled to the side in a ponytail, and Truth Hawks’ recent group gift was a PERFECT choice to replicate her casual look. In mesh, it was a very generous gift for his group.

Note that my look is a mix of mesh, sculpty and prims plus system pieces. This is how it should work in Second Life—each creator chose the tools s/he needed for the best results and went at it without the users needing to worry about what was used or how. Great design!

All Adventurous Women Do

Sometimes you say s**t that sounds made up. ~ Adam on Girls

Hair: >TRUTH< Jessie w/Roots – java by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [IREN]-Molly-pale by Irishka Hotshot for [IREN], available at the Skin Showcase *

Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes – Light Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Top: {mon tissu} Ruffled Shell (Solid) / MESH (S) ~ Peach by Anouk Spot for Mon Tissu

Jeans: { love me } picnic by Callia Pearl for love me

Scarf: Zeerys Dyed Scarf [] Late Valentine (S) by zeerya.pyrithea for Zeerys

Earrings and bracelet: (Yummy) Native Daydream by Polyester Partridge for Yummy

Other bracelet: (Yummy) Hodgepodge Beaded Bracelet (4 strands) by Polyester Partridge for Yummy

Nails: Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_RosyManicure by Jin Elfan for Leverocci

Clogs: Tribe Mesh Jaz Soft Clogs (raspingberry) by Driftwood Miles for TRIBE WEAR *

Posed on Sway’s LawnChair [Peace] by Sway Dench for Sway’s

P.S. The title is taken from something Hannah’s friend says about something she is concerned about. It is a mark of how these women are seeking themselves and a good life–“All adventurous women do.”


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