Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer

Hold me closer tiny dancer
Count the headlights on the highway
Lay me down in sheets of linen
you had a busy day today

~ “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John

Tiny Dancer

Recently All Songs Considered had a show “Remembering Mom and Dad’s Record Collection.” I giggled because the first song on the list was by Simon & Garfunkle and my parents were HUGE fans so we had a lot of that in the house, played on the Heathkit stereo my dad had made with the cylindrical speakers wrapped in some sort of space-age weave fabric. (My dad also had the Velvet Underground and Nico album with the peelable banana from Andy Warhol, and I peeled it so many times to see the sweet pink banana underneath, the top ripped off.)

When putting this blog together, of course “Tiny Dancer” came to mind and looking at the origins of the song, I realized hearing it brought back memories of my aunt’s cigarette-smoke filled Nova, bell bottoms and summers growing up. This outfit has nothing to do with that aesthetic, but this IS a tiny dancer in her very fashioned sculpted dress from Nevery Lorakeet and ballet shoes (complete with hud to match the skin).

Tiny Dancer

I felt like I needed a porcelain doll style for this lovely skin from Inka Mexicola. She offers a very clean pretty palette with a subtle cat eye and luscious lips. I added her included blush to pink my tiny dancer up.

My hair is a anime-styled special from MissAllSunday Lemon, NOT a mesh but an older model she still sells. I love the subtle purple tiny to the texture.

Tiny Dancer

“I don’t like nostalgia unless it’s mine.” ~ Lou Reed

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair – Royal by MissAllSunday Lemon for /Wasabi Pills/

Skin: {.essences.} Moana skin – Rosy pale with {.essences.} Blush: nude by Inka Mexicola for {.essences.} *

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Twilight Steel) by

Dress: *LpD* – *Carmen* Dress Pois by Nevery Lorakeet for Les Petits Détails

Ribbon: *C:K* Neck Ribbon by Ameshin Yossarian for Curious Kitties

Shoes: *LPD* – *Star of Ballet* Shoes Pink by Nevery Lorakeet for Les Petits Détails


You and Tequila

You and Tequila

‘Cause you and Tequila make me crazy
Run like poison in my blood
One more night could kill me, baby
One is one too many, one more is never enough

~ “You and Tequila” by Kenny Chesney, featuring Grace Potter

You and Tequila

When it gets hot out, I feel a little more country for some reason. Listening to Kenny Chesney’s liquid voice, I want to sit down and sip an easy cocktail on the porch. Day like today needs a loose light dress and some boots for walking in the meadow. I got this dress from Serina Lacava’s booth at the Summer Fashion Festival and love it. The shading is well done, the mesh fits me well, and it moves nicely with my avatar (see above pose).

My boots, I am told, are not “authentic” from sources in the southern part of Texas. I don’t care. They are awfully cute and make me look like a “Dallas girl,” or so I am told (especially with the flowers tooled into them). Miel Nirvana clearly cared, as I do, more about looks than whether shit can get scraped off them (which is apparently criteria for good cowgirl boots).

You and Tequila

Someone in Skin Addiction said DeLa has hair and sure enough, I found it. Kuranosuke Kamachi is a true artist, always pushing the edge with different graphic technologies in SL (like sculpties), so it’s no surprise to see this sexy full hair in mesh.

My skin is one of Agony Helse’s newer skins. (She is pumping them out, it seems. Every time I turn around she has a new one out.) She is getting better and better, outpacing her partner in production, it seems. (Yes, a challenge to you KaoZ.) I love this color way—green liner with the freckled skin of a beautiful redhead. Sexy and sensuous.

You and Tequila

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. ~ George Carlin

Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Cerise” Brown 4 by Kuranosuke Kamachi for =DeLa*=

Skin: Akeruka Twiggy Medium Mk7 by Agony Helse for Akeruka *

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Teal Hazel) by Arkesh Baral for Mayfly

Dress:  SLC Mesh Dress Country Charm by Serina Lacava for SLC, available at the Summer Fashion Festival

Jewelry: MTP Ladies Desert Rose [red] set by Jon Ree for Mustang Trading Post

Boots: MIEL DANDY BOOTS FLOR – (Viewer 2.0 only) by Miel Nirvana for Miel



My favorite page in the SL wiki is the one about Limits. It tells all the good stuff like, “Max. length of avatar name – 31 for first name, 31 for last name, 63 in total (including the space)” or “Max. # of prims in a linkset – 256.” I have a few things they missed:

Average day in length of partnerships in SL: 8

Percentage of prims in world named “Object”: 84.5%

Number of times an epithet can be uttered upon crashing without having to walk away from the computer: 4

Number of slices of birthday cake being “eaten” at SL9B: 23823

Number that taste like soy-based styrofoam: 23823 (Trick statistic—all food in SL tastes like styrofoam.)


Add your stats at the bottom. I need to tell you some stats about this outfit. First the top, from Corocota Torok, is mesh at its best—a puffy and flowy with a great texture and highlights where they should be on a terrific print (love this print!). I picked this one and another up at the Summer Fashion Festival, where I saw a lot of designers I had not seen before. I really enjoyed it.

Let me remark on these wickedly sexy boots from Tawny Mirror. First, they are purchased, yes, from an adult sim but located in their own store so you don’t have to be afraid of transgressing. Tawny has made some sinfully sexy boots in several colors (I wear “cherry”) in this stiletto style with a dangerously pointed toe. She gets every detail, down to the zipper pull. Rowr.


My skin is the lustrous Giselle from Aida Ewing. It seems in the past couple months, Aida has upped the ante with her skins, adding increasing detail, from freckles to beauty marks to finely plucked brows to her skins, bringing them up from the flat, yet couture look she once had to a deeper, more realistic and beautiful skin. I really like what she’s up to and look forward to seeing more.

My side part comes from Chiaki Xue’s boy’s line. I am never afraid to wear a men’s hair—especially one of Chiaki’s. They are always full of movement and terrific textures, from curls to waves to straight—just like real hair.


I close with a quote with one of my household’s heroines, Anne Frank. Today is the 70th anniversary of her first diary entry. This quote, from her diary, has special resonance for me. (Those who know me personally know why):

… in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death. I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness, I hear the ever approaching thunder, which will destroy us too, I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end, and that peace and tranquillity will return again.

~ Anne Frank, July 15, 1944

Hair: *Dura-Boy*36(Dark Brown) with Dark Brown hairbase by Chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: -Glam Affair – Giselle – MedTan D 01 by aida Ewing for –Glam Affair- *

Eye: .ID. Brooding Eyes – Dark Brown by Audrey Lamede for Insufferable Dastard

Top: >>>Poison<<< Tulipana blouse 1_mesh by Corocota Torok for Poison, available at the Summer Fashion Festival

Leggings: M * A * ii * K * I  Long Legging Charcoal by Iki Ikarus for M * A * ii * K * I

Earrings: erratic / teardrop earings by erratic rain for erratic

Nails: Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_ScarlettPlain by Jin Elfan for Leverocci

Boots: [DD] Elegance Boots – Full Pack by Tawny Mirror for Domina’s Duo *

Beside the Pool

Beside the Pool

“A girl in a bikini is like having a loaded pistol on your coffee table — there’s nothing wrong with them, but it’s hard to stop thinking about it.” — Garrison Keillor

Beside the Pool

It’s summer vacation and it’s pounced on us with sunny days and high temperatures. I have been locking myself in the house with the Mad Man finale and other pursuits. I truly wish I had a pool because I think will be the summer I would get my money’s worth from it.

Beside the Pool

Barnesworth Anubis has solved the problem for me in world with his new offering for Collabor88. With a pool and a chic mid-century decor, it’s the kind of space I would love to find myself this summer. And I did find myself briefly on the pool edge in a swimsuit from OneBadPixel, that purveyor of slightly naughty mesh items for the girl who wants her mesh without being too prim (pun intended).

Beside the Pool

My skin is a delightful tan from the deft work of moon Meiyo. I love the soft makeups in the MyDear line and even better, she makes the skins with A, B, C and D cups so you can choose the intensity of your uh… front end load. The skin matched perfectly to N-Core’s dainty bare feet. I know for walking around, arched feet like this seem kind of silly but they work well with prim shoes lacking prim toes and for posing like this.

Beside the Pool

“And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” ~ William Shakespeare

Hair: >TRUTH< Leticia w/Roots – fudge by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: B Cup[MyDear]Jessica Skin- Tan 4 by moon Meiyo for [MyDear] *

Eyes: .ID. FFL / Blue by Audrey Lamede for Insufferable Dastards *

Bikini: ::1bp:: Stillwater Bikini Blue by onebadpixel for One Bad Pixel *

Feet: N-core FEET BOXED by Claire Messenger and Nuria Augapfel for N-core *

Pillow: Melino style Pool – side – cushion red by Tara Tagore for Melino Style

Home: [ba] palm springs cottage by Barnesworth Anubis for Barnesworth Anubis, available at Collabor88 *

The Case for Minimalism

The Case for Minimalism

In your clothes avoid too much gaudiness; do not value yourself upon an embroidered gown; and remember that a reasonable word, or an obliging look, will gain you more respect than all your fine trappings. ~ Alex Mosson

The Case for Minimalism

Ramses Meredith passed me a most beautiful outfit yesterday, one that made me sigh with happiness. It wasn’t a big ballgown or a sparkling dress. It was a simple silk blouse over capris, rendered all in mesh with a neutral color. The top had the sheen and softness of silk, that sort of rich fluidity that only silk can hold. The capris were luxe and sophisticated. I would want this in RL so getting it in SL was wonderful.

The Case for Minimalism

My skin is Aida Ewing’s offering for the Chic Birthday. In typical style, Aida offers a beautifully rendered skin with deep smoky eyes and soft neutral lips. This skin would be a wonderful base for a variety of makeups.

My eyes are Ikon Innovia’s newest offering. I had a long talk with him the other night about eyes and SL and stuff, and I have to say publicly that he taught me, 3 years ago, lots of things about avatars, graphics, etc. He worked very hard on understanding SL so he could make the eyes he makes, and he is now putting out a huge amount of new ones in beautiful colors so we can all be touched by his artistry. (He also made most of the shape that I now wear—yes, Ikon is responsible for this.) In my opinion, he set the new standard for deep rich beautiful eyes in SL. He taught me that glitter and gold don’t always make it all happen—a lot of it is plain old hard work.

The Case for Minimalism

In other words, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Hair: ::Exile:: Kiss Me:Brownie by Kavar Cleanslate for Exile *

Skin: -Glam Affair- Mia Natural 03 by Aida Ewing for Glam Affair *

Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes v2 – Deep Glass (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON

Outfit: EHC – Solitude by Ramses Meredith for Egoisme Pret a Porter *

Bracelet: miel – FRIENDO bracelet by Miel Nirvana for miel

The Birthday

The Birthday

My outfit has nothing whatsoever to do with birthdays, but I wanted to remind you all that the SL9B Birthday is going to happen this year under the steam of residents only. Headed by Doctor Gascoigne, KT Syakumi and Saffia Widdershins, it’s going to be quite the event with sims sponsored by Dream Seeker Estates Corporation and KittyCatS (and an anonymous donor only Marianne McCann knows).

It’s going to prove to be a great event as the residents will be completely in charge this year. I have been impressed to pieces with their organization and professionalism in their communications. I especially like Crap’s little YouTube videos. I hope residents agree that the folks doing this for us deserve our respect and thanks. It’s a HUGE job organizing all this, and I know this from being backstage.

The Birthday

Maybe this outfit can be a little tribute to Doc, cuz you know I love you, darlin. I start with a beautiful new dress from Mami Jewell. In her customary style, she provides a variety of “oh nicely done” pieces in this dress from the perfectly-drawn bodice to the ruffles moving gracefully in a curve down the legs to the sheer prims all around the dress. It’s graceful and beautifully colored.

The Birthday

This skin from Helyanwe Vindaloo, which was made for the Skin Showcase, is a beautiful touch to this look. I kept thinking I was seeing Keira Knightly, and I could only imagine it was the sensuous lips from this skin. Or perhaps it was my deep dark eyes from Mayfly. Maybe it’s this beautiful hair from Kavar Cleanslate (not new—this is his old stiff prim style, which I mostly don’t miss).

The Birthday

“All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.” ~ George Harrison

Hair: ::Exile:: Meg:Maraschino by Kavar Cleanslate for ::Exile:: *

Skin: .ploom. Lea_Honey – DB – Basic by Helyanwe Vindaloo for .ploom., available at the Skin Addiction Skin Showcase

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Dark Onyx) by Arkesh Baral for Mayfly

Dress: -AZUL- Shannon /Amethyst by Mami Jewell for –AZUL- *

Poses by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations

All Adventurous Women Do

All Adventurous Women Do

“I’m offended by all of the supposed tos. I don’t like women telling other women what to do or how to do it or when to do it.” ~ Jessa on Girls

All Adventurous Women Do

My newest favorite indulgence is “Girls” on HBO. Lena Dunham, a very young lady indeed (only 25), writes the show, stars in it, directs, and basically gives birth to it. It’s “Sex in the City” for the Millenials.

I love the main character, Hannah, who is at once spoiled and spunky, naive and worldly, down to earth and dreamy. She thinks she is the voice of her generation, and she may well be—the more sophisticated part of her generation—some of the 99%. The lines can be incredibly sharp and funny. (Someday I will blog the line about her “punk” look where she was told she looked like she was going to put a hex on some popular girls.) The series starts when her parents cut her off from her allowance and she is faced with making it on her own in New York City. Good luck with that!

All Adventurous Women Do

The look I have assembled is a combination of Hannah and her roommate, Marney. Marney is tall and thin, elegant, but also clumsy in her youth. I see her in this look, though she doesn’t accessorize as much as Hannah. I pile the jewelry on, all from Polyester Partridge, including a new mesh set of bracelet and earrings. Then this casual frilly mesh top from Anouk Spot (which fits well and moves so much better than a sculpty), add funky painted jeans from Callie Pearl, and end with casual clogs from Driftwood Miles. (Let me note these darling clogs come in a variety of colors in mesh, and Driftwood provided great assistance to me when I couldn’t see one of the clogs due to my own client cache issues. My fault—not his—but he was very gracious.)

All Adventurous Women Do

This skin from Irishka Hotspot, which is her offering for the Skin Showcase, is a perfect look for our “Girl.” With a youthful almost unkempt look (check those brows), this fresh skin is perfect for a natural look or as a base for other makeups. I love the hand-drawn nature of the skin, the little red glow to the nose, the slight tweak to the corner of the mouth.

Marney always wears her hair pulled to the side in a ponytail, and Truth Hawks’ recent group gift was a PERFECT choice to replicate her casual look. In mesh, it was a very generous gift for his group.

Note that my look is a mix of mesh, sculpty and prims plus system pieces. This is how it should work in Second Life—each creator chose the tools s/he needed for the best results and went at it without the users needing to worry about what was used or how. Great design!

All Adventurous Women Do

Sometimes you say s**t that sounds made up. ~ Adam on Girls

Hair: >TRUTH< Jessie w/Roots – java by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [IREN]-Molly-pale by Irishka Hotshot for [IREN], available at the Skin Showcase *

Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes – Light Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Top: {mon tissu} Ruffled Shell (Solid) / MESH (S) ~ Peach by Anouk Spot for Mon Tissu

Jeans: { love me } picnic by Callia Pearl for love me

Scarf: Zeerys Dyed Scarf [] Late Valentine (S) by zeerya.pyrithea for Zeerys

Earrings and bracelet: (Yummy) Native Daydream by Polyester Partridge for Yummy

Other bracelet: (Yummy) Hodgepodge Beaded Bracelet (4 strands) by Polyester Partridge for Yummy

Nails: Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_RosyManicure by Jin Elfan for Leverocci

Clogs: Tribe Mesh Jaz Soft Clogs (raspingberry) by Driftwood Miles for TRIBE WEAR *

Posed on Sway’s LawnChair [Peace] by Sway Dench for Sway’s

P.S. The title is taken from something Hannah’s friend says about something she is concerned about. It is a mark of how these women are seeking themselves and a good life–“All adventurous women do.”