Lobster Claws

Lobster Claw

“A truly destitute man is not one without riches, but the poor wretch who has never partaken of lobster.”

Lobster Claw

Eshi dropped by the other day and we went down to the market and had lobster. There is a little restaurant in the market that serves Maine lobsters relatively inexpensively and Eshi had a craving, so I joined her. As I watched her rip apart the crustacean, daintily dipping the flesh in melted butter and savoring it, I realized I invited Eshi to the wrong city. The problem we have is that we are in the dead center of the country, and Lake Michigan doesn’t have any decent shellfish. This is a woman who knows the Gulf and the seas of Croatia.

Eshi is definitely a water girl. She took a set of charming paintings she did in real life and replicated them on this gorgeous new dress, called “Joy.” The fish swim merrily around the dress, vibrantly alive and turning somersaults in the cool water. Seaweed and fronds move about as they do underwater, hiding and revealing the creatures.  And as I told her, she does joy better than anyone else.

Lobster Claw

I wear Emilia Redgrave’s skin fashioned after the Bella character from Twilight. It fits my shape well and has very lovely, almost realistic, classic features. Redgrave has cut their skin prices so now you get the whole set for the price of one skin, so it’s a very good value. My own gripe is that the base skin includes a hair base that is considerably darker than the brows, making it impossible to find a hair that matches. I fixed the problem by overlaying the skin with the “bald’ makeup included. (The pack also includes several lipsticks for mix and match fun.)

My hair is one of Calico Ingmann’s offerings for the Hair Fair, a lovely cut with an included HUD that allows streaking and resizing as well as recoloring. I love the shape and the textures. I would say that Calico’s assortment of coloring and streaking HUDs confused me—not sure why it can’t all go in one HUD but I am sure there is a reason. Either way, I found my way to the color I wanted, an otherworldly bright red to compliment the bright colors in Eshi’s dress.

Lobster Claw

“A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne, the only true feminine and becoming viands.” ~ Lord Byron

Hair: !!CiC!! Marcie – Dark Reds by Calico Ingmann for Calico Ingmann Creations

Skin: 09   Pale Skin -Bella- /*wedding *REDGRAVE* with Scalp (pale skin Bella)  *REDGRAVE* by Emilia Redgrave for Redgrave

Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes v2 – Deep Glass by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: Joy by Eshi Otawara (red) by Eshi Otawara for Eshi Otawara *


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