Marcella’s grandmother would bark at her, “Girl, you look like a picture done fall out the frame. Stop lookin’ so down. Fix your hair! Brush your teeth! Put on a clean shirt and don’t go out lookin’ all hootchy like your mama did.”


Marcella’s grandmother taught her that what the world sees is what the world believes, so it’s no good showing up half-done. Marcella spends her money on quality first and once she buys, she never looks back. Take, for example, this leather jacket from Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus. Marcella always appreciated their family-run boutique and excellent service. Mr. Paul was a master of shaping leather into pieces of perfectly shaped jackets. His wife, BastChild, attended to all the details, and their helpers, Kym and Gil, were top notch. She always felt absolutely happy when she walked out with a pile of bags in her hand.

Marcella had in mind her grandmother’s warning about hootchy, so she was always particular about what covered her bottom half. Shorts often did the job of a mini without showing the world her treasures and tights made her legs look even longer, especially when she had stiletto boots on—her sexy ones from Tawny Mirror. These shorts, from her favorite designer, LeeZu Baxter, were designer goodness—pinstriped, short but not too and covered her assets well.


Makeup was always sophistcated and she chose NatalieWell’s brows, blush and lips to do the job for her. With its beautifully hand drawn appearance and gentle attention to her facial features, it was a great look.

Finally, her hair of choice was always wild and natural, emphasizing her kinky curly locks, which she let her stylist, Queue Marlowe, tint with a subtle red. Men loved her hair—how she tied it up so nonchalantly, how it smelled of coconut and musk. It was her defining feature (so she thought). She was picture perfect, right square in that frame.


“She would be a new person, she vowed. They said no matter how far a mule travels it can never come back a horse, but she would show them all.” ~ Junot Diaz

Hair: rebel rebel scorpio with .b scorpio hair base by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog *

Skin: Deesses Skins: Isabelle: Natural with Deesses Skins: Isabelle: Lipstick 3 by NatalieWells for Deesses *

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Dark Brown (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Jacket: .:L&B:. S’Wear Mesh Womens “Moto” Leather Jacket by Paul Lapointe for Lapointe and Bastchild *

Shorts: [LeeZu!] Heather Hotpants /black by LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu! *

Tights: * **MIS** Hard to Break by Janie Marlowe for Mischief (no longer available)

Earrings: Earring 3ROW HOOP Gold and EARRING HOOP GOLD by Ryca Doobie for RYCA

Nails: Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Red by peche Bury for Candy Nail

Boots: [DD] Elegance Boots Black by Tawny Mirror for Domina’s Duo *

Poses by Dove Swanson for Long Awkward Pose (no longer available)


2 thoughts on “Marcella

  1. Oh, I like this! I swear, I wear half the things you post, Harper! My Aunt M remembers you from before I came to SL and, well, she does the same – in fact, we shop together often. Thank you for the really cool inspirations! Both Aunt M and I write, and we enjoy your scenarios – perfect for each outfit. Outstanding!

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