Do you see me standing there in the corner
I was alone, I always am at these big parties
Watching you, watching everybody
Wishing I was more outgoing
Wishing I was dressed up pretty

Wallflower, I’m not here, no one sees me
Wallflower, I’m by myself, please excuse me

~ “Wallflower” by Priscilla Ahn


A girl who is shy may not show off in the same way other girls in SL do. She may wait for an IM from a gentleman at the dance place or hope someone will friend her through a group even though she is just lurking. A girl who is shy may not be entirely noticeable, but she’s there, hoping someone will ask her to IM.

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to look cute—this jacket from Darling Monday is a perfect topper to a rather low cut blouse from Liziaah Levecchia. I wear gauchos I got at a closing sale for Fab.Pony (sad to hear its closing but glad to get the bargain) and little boots from Paul Lapointe (color of which was agonized over—I had purchased the fatpack). A little purse from Marie Lauridsen, available at the Dressing Room, finished the outfit.


The skin comes courtesy of Agony Helse. I looked at old photos of her skins I had blogged and I have to say, this is a definite improvement. She is really refining the look with crisper edges, a more glowing skin, and more drawn set of brows. And I appreciate I am not stuck with the more tan/orangey tones. This paler skin is absolutely beautiful, especially with one of Truth Hawks’ newest hairs. The bow has a color changer but I also tinted it to match. Rose colored eyes from Ikon Innovia make the whole look cohere.

Let me digress for a moment to remind all my dear readers, especially the newer ones, that if prims are modifiable, you should copy the item, and then modify at will, especially with the color tinter at our disposal from Linden Lab. If that pink isn’t quite right (as it wasn’t for me), a little futzing can make a huge difference. I also tinted the scarf from Linka Demina.


Help me leave this corner of the room
I’m reaching out to you
Cause I’ve got things
I could talk to you about
And we could be
Wallflower friends ’til the end
Wallflower friends ’til the end
I’m sure of it

Wallflowers, we’re not here, no one sees us
Wallflowers, we’re together, please excuse us

Hair: >TRUTH< Marina – chocolate by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< * (modified)

Skin: Akeruka Meg V2 Nat Mk3 by Agony Helse for Akeruka *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Rose (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Jacket: fri. – Marie.Jacket (Ashes) by Darling Monday for fri.day, available at Collabor88

Top: LIZ* Black butterfly top* by Liziaah Lavecchia for LIZIAAH

Pants: FAB.PONY “Mezzy” Pant (Black) by Yvonne Thor for FAB.PONY

Scarf: [glow] studio  Scarfs GLOW  Silver (chest) by Linka Demina for [glow] (modified)

Bag: (Milk Motion) My glitter tote bag (medium) (hands pose) by Marie Lauridsen for (Milk Motion), available at the Dressing Room Blue

Boots: .:L&B:. “Simone” Ankle Boot /Claret by Paul Lapointe for Lapointe and Bastchild


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