“One in seven. That’s the odds now.”


He used his hand as a shield as his eyes turned up and down the street in search of life. The sun was starting to dip below the buildings, just slightly. Before long the empty bistro table would be drenched in the purple glow of nightfall.

“She’s halfway to Boston, probably.”

The wind rippled the tablecloth as he tilted the back of his palm down to protect himself from the crossbeams bouncing off of the rustic glass of the town’s weathered buildings. He knew she wasn’t coming. So this is how this would all play out.

A tap on his cell phone buttons he had missed no calls, or the unspent words she might have left over why she wouldn’t or couldn’t come–hollow excuses like getting the dates mixed up or the confusing name of the town. Templemore–what a strange name for a town. He figured himself for a sucker as the wine in his glass finally disappeared.

A pigeon cooed at him as he scraped the seat back on worn cobblestones, and he pitched the cigarette end over end into the brush to smolder out in obscurity.


“One in seven hundred, now that the sun’s down. Fuck it… I’ll do this without her.”

A grumble rattled from his tongue and he leaned over to grab the laiden duffel from the sidewalk, carrying it over the street. His eyes roamed up and down the street, looking for anything sign of a sleepy sheriff in this quiet town.


Brendan Forsythe agreed to guest blog today. He is active in many RP sims and allowed me to photo his great avatar. He styled the avatar and wrote the blog. Thank you, Brendan :)

Hair – [Ego] – HIR – Dark Noir    Ego Shuffle for [Ego]

Skin – Akeruka Damien Stubble Tan  Kaoz Koba for Akeruka

Eyes – MADesigns Intrigue  Maddox Dupont for KMADD

Jacket: :SEY Denim Jacket [Green]   risey Arai for SEY

Shirt: *Blitzed* Tee – Star   eko Merlin for BLITZED

Belt: *Blitzed* Plugged Belt – no bag by eko Merlin for BLITZED

Jeans: =Razorblade Jacket= Jaw Breaker / Standard Boot – Stonewash by Kehl Razor for Razorblade Jacket

Neck – [Mandala] Shamira Dog Tag (Shadow) by  kikunosuke Eel for Mandala

Gloves – Custom by Rez Gray

Boots – TonkTastic Short Combat Boots by Tonk Tomcat for TonkTastic

Photos taken at Templemore of DreamSeeker


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