Boots and Boys

Boots and Boys

Boots and boys
They bring me so much joy
I wear ’em both so pretty as I walk in the city
Boots and Boys

Cowboy boots, cowboy boys….

Someone once asked my process for doing a blog and I explained that I start with an inspiration. This time I found inspiration in the boots from Morphine Janick. With a terrific little hud that allows you to change four different parts of the boots to four different textures, these mesh boots are fun and funky.

Boots and Boys

Then I built the outfit from there. My friend, Barely, ran around with me early the other morning (after we both woke up inexplicably at the crack of dawn), to find a look that would go with this. I finally found this funky dress from Dolce Blackflag on the MP, and dressed it up with socks from Datrip Blackbart, who can always be counted on to bring something offbeat to the look.

Boots and Boys

Then I started working my way up with a great skin from Tricky Boucher and deep dark brown eyes (my FAVORITE brown eyes in SL) from Ikon Innovia. A new ‘do from Carina Larsen in a beautiful bright copper balances out the coloring of the whole look.

Boots and Boys

Topped with Jamie Holmer’s beautiful sculpty hat with its worn leather textures and an ornate necklace from Danielle Astonia, it’s no wonder I have no problem finding boys with my boots.

Boots and Boys

Something ’bout boots and boys
They bring me so much joy
I wear ’em both so pretty as I walk in the city
Boots and Boys

Hair: Amacci Hair Eleni ~ Natural Copper by Carina Larsen for Amacci *

Skin: -Belleza- Shyla Sk 2 by Tricky Boucher for -Belleza-*

Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes – Dark Brown (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: (PixelDolls) Boho Rose . Blush by Dolce Blackflag for PixelDolls

Hat: INDI Cowboy Hat light brown used V2 (f) by Jamie Holmer for INDI *

Necklace: *Mia Long Necklace – Tigereye (Chest)* la Forgia Jewels by Danielle Astonia by La Forgia Jewels *

Socks: Legal Insanity – Janis socks terracotta by Datrip Blackbart for Legal Insanity

Boots: [monso] My Western Boots by Morphine Janick for [monso]



I feel like I took a little trip to Chinatown because I found some great things!


Check out this darling mesh top from Sissy Pessoa that I found at the Dressing Room. With darling frog closures and a pretty silky texture, this bargain was a great find to go with these mesh pants from Betty Doyle. Add the cute little takeout box from Guu Nishi and metallic flats from Karrie Kweller (both amazing deals) and the jewelry set from Dita Tran, and I have a cute look on the cheap.


My pretty skin is Tricky Boucher’s newest with red eyebrows and pretty green shadow. My bleached green eyes come courtesy of Ikon Innovia and my darling pigtails from MissAllSunday Lemon make the whole look whimsical.


“To sell something, tell a woman it’s a bargain; tell a man it’s deductible.” ~ Earl Wilson

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Megumi Mesh Hair – Gingerbread by MissAllSunday Lemon for /Wasabi Pills/ *

Skin: -Belleza- Shyla Sk 7 with -Belleza- Shyla SK Red brows by Tricky Boucher for -Belleza-*

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Bleached Green ML by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Top: Baiastice_Chinese Mesh Shirt- Flower olive by Sissy Pessoa for Baiastice, available at The Dressing Room

Pants: Ingenue :: Seberg Pant :: Moss by Betty Doyle for Ingenue *

Jewelry: FuLo – “Wen Ling” necklace and earrings (yellow jade) by Dita Tran for FuLo *

Purse: HOC Apparel – Takeout Bag Mint by Guu Nishi for HOC

Shoes: Karried Away: Ballet Flat Gold by Karrie Kweller for Karried Away

Poses by Valencia Southard for Marukin

The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you’re the best

It’s raining….

Have you seen BlaiseJoshua Resident’s blog, Every Second Man? I discovered Blaise when he tp’d into the Menstuff lounge, a pretty good-looking newbie I must say, especially for a man. Blaise entered SL and took to it like a fish to water. We friended and then he told me he was going to do a men’s blog, and I have to say, I was not encouraging and I regret that because he has more than exceeded my expectations and has pulled out a few innovative tricks I had never thought of (damn it). I will say, “Nobody does it better….”

The Spy Who Loved Me

Blaise and I kept talking about blogging together, so I finally roped him into doing this one with me. I wanted a romantic blog about two people in love in the rain, about melancholy and love. (Actually, I wanted an excuse to show off this fantastic new trench coat from Bonadea Avedon and these sexy, texture-change boots from Elisabetta Hyun. Come on—it’s really all about the look, right?)

The Spy Who Loved Me

Blaise, being Blaise, insisted we somehow work a gun into the story line. It’s a boy thing—guns—he explained. Whatever.

Don’t forget I was his “corpse” for a blog he did about a detective. He wrote as his caption, “’Harper,’ I whispered. ‘You old dog. I guess you had this coming for a long time.'” It didn’t have it coming to me.. ok maybe I did. What really ticked me off is that he called me old! So I got a bit of revenge in my machinima (watch above).

The Spy Who Loved Me

The spy who loved me
Is keeping all my secrets safe tonight


On Harper:

Hair: >TRUTH< Guinevere w/Roots – copper by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith – America 02 Red HB by Aida Ewing for Glam Affair *

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Aspen (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Raincoat: Purple rain outfit  by ruca tease by Bonadea Avedon for Ruca Tease *

Boots: **UTOPIA@Design** – “SIRIUS”: Multi-texture by Elisabetta Hyun for **UTOPIA@Design** *

Props by Winter Thorn for {what next}


“Blaise’s Bloody Credit … bleugh … Given absolutely begrudgingly …” [to “Harpy Beresbleugh”] (Thanks for the love, Blasé)

Hat: Argrace Fedora – only cap from Argrace

Shoes: Hoorenbeek Devon shoes – tan – black socks from Hoorenbeek

Pants: Hoorenbeen Mesh Pants – Beige – Low rise from Hoorenbeek

Shirt: Hoorenbeek Shirt w/Tie for Coat – Mesh – White from Hoorenbeek

Coat: Hoorenbeek Trenchcoat – Mesh – Olive from Hoorenbeek

Shape: Belleza Shawn from -Belleza-

Skin: Belleza Ashton Medium 1 from -Belleza-

Eyes: LeLutka Ellis Pierce from LeLutka

Read Blaise at Every Second Man

Let’s Go Out Tonight

Let's Go Out Tonight

Where the lights all shine,
Like I knew they would,
Be mine all mine,
Baby I’ll be good.

Blunt and Harper dancing at Dorei Shelter.

Let's Go Out Tonight

I took Blunt out dancing so I could video us (please watch it—I worked hard on it). He walked off and ate chips or something while I focused my camera on us. I wanted to document this beautiful dress from Monica Outlander that I found in my inventory while I was at her sale. I saw it on the wall, thought I would buy it and yes, conveniently discovered I already had it. Its swirls on bodice and skirt give movement to this dress and make the long silhouette velvety and sexy.

Let's Go Out Tonight

Tricky Boucher’s new Shlya skin is seductive and beautiful. I have worn the red brows with it. I had to switch to a more copper hair tone to match the brow, and I found the right color in Kavar Cleanslate’s Sunset. Mesmerizing eyes from Ikon Innovia pop with this makeup and coloring. I wanted to point out the lovely choker and bracelet from Noah Bodenhall, which dressed up my look to the nth degree.

Let's Go Out Tonight

Baby baby,
Let’s go out tonight.

Hair: ::Exile:: She’s So Mean:Sunset by Kavar Cleanslate for ::Exile:: *

Skin: -Belleza- Shyla Sk 14 and -Belleza- Shyla SK Red brows by Tricky Boucher for -Belleza-*

Eyes: IKON Kaleido Eyes – Island (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: Miamai_Scilla Green by Monica Outlander for Miamai *

Jewelry: + Divinity + Classic Pearl Choker and + Divinity + Classic Pearl Bracelet set by Noah Bodenhall for + Divinity + *

Shoes: N-core SOLEIL “Cream” BOXED by Claire Messenger and Nuria Augapfel for N-Core

Poses by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations *

Filmed with Blunt Beaumont at Dorei Shelter.

She Moved in Circles

She Moved in Circles

(She moved in circles, and those circles moved.)

~ Theodore Roethke, “I Knew a Woman”

Strap on a pair of roller skates and SL becomes even more fun than you’re used to. I wore these while skating around the Templemore of DreamSeeker sim and enjoyed the wide open streets and scenery. My skates are from Tya Fallingbridge, who makes them in black and white (presumably for boys and girls but I wore the black so it matched my ensemble). An AO from Sine Wave and I was a skating maniac.

She Moved in Circles

My jacket is one of the pieces on sale (yes SALE) at LeeZu Baxter’s right now. With circles in the back placket, the mesh moves great with my skating tricks. Leggings are from Bax Coen, who has come out with a set of stockings and leggings, including this mod circled look.

She Moved in Circles

My glowing skin with sexy cat eyes and luscious full lips comes from Tricky Boucher. The new Shyla is a beautiful set of skins from one of the masters of skin making in SL. Eyes are from Ikon Innovia, who is also having a SALE. My hair, with its sexy dark roots (and yes, sometimes I find that sexy—when it’s done right) is a bottle blonde from Kavar Cleanslate. Looks like our girl needs a touch-up on her roots soon.

One quick comment: my quotes come from one of my very favorite love poems by Theodore Roethke. Find it, read it, enjoy it.

She Moved in Circles

(I measure time by how a body sways.)

Hair: ::Exile:: Release Me:Bottle Blonde by Kavar Cleanslate for ::Exile:: *

Skin:  -Belleza- Shyla Sk 2 by Tricky Boucher for -Belleza-*

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Aspen (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Jacket: [LeeZu!] DouceMon Jacket /yellow by LeeZu Baxter for [LeeZu!] *

Bodysuit: :::Sn@tch Velvet Bodysuit (black) by Ivey Deschanels for Sn@tch *

Leggings: BAX Ornament Leggings Circles by Bax Coen for Bax Boots *

Skates: [PM] Roxy Roller by Tya Fallingbridge for Pixel Mode *

Poses by Dove Swanson for Long Awkward Pose (no longer available)

Sine Wave AO 1.2 by Sinewave

Shot at Templemore of DreamSeeker

Hurricane Judy

Hurricane Judy

This hurricane Judy is a brave new world ~ “Hurricane Judy” by Future Clouds and Radar

It started with a ping from Joel Foner about Tavi Gevinson—did I know of her, had I seen her? Why, yes, Joel, I blogged about her twice. He sent me to see a clip of her on Jimmy Fallon (teaching him “Bitchface”), which lead me to her book Rookie Yearbook One, which lead me back to Rookie Magazine, which lead me to Style Rookies, a little snippet about RL girls showing off their style, and I was off….

Hurricane Judy

Damn those girls were cute and daring and reminded me so much of my forays into fashion when I was in high school. (Needless to say, I didn’t quite do Express and the Gap.) I thought I would do it again—crazy, free, untethered by adult rules.

First it was the quilted jacket from Nalena Fairey that set this off. Then funky plaid pants from Maya Levane and socks, oh socks, also from Maya Levane. I remembered those loafers from Eponymous Trenchmouth—practical and cool, a necklace from Noah Bodenhall (who somehow got through my Facebook noise to contact me), and oh yes, glasses from Antonia Marat.

Hurricane Judy

And oh the brand new skin from Rosemary Galbraith with its peachy tones and freckles—so winsome, my hazel eyes from Ikon Innovia and then, oh yes, brand new hair from Chiaki Xue. It all spun up and then oh, yes, the video. The choppy, low fps video that nonetheless I captured (I am a newbie, dammit). And this hurricane Judy, she was a brave new world ;)

Hurricane Judy

This hurricane Judy and it blows me still…

Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*36(Sienna) by Chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: *Cupcakes – DOLL – Apricot FRECKLE with *CUPCAKES – Doll – Apricot BROW LIGHT BROWN by Rosemary Galbraith for Cupcakes *

Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes – Hazel (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Jacket: Zigana [ My summer jacket .gypsy ] by Nalena Fairey for Zigana

Top: jane.intrinsic.tank.og melon by Janie Marlowe for jane

Pants: (TokiD) rolling pants (dust) by Maya Levane for TokiD

Socks: (TokiD) vintage socks 3 by Maya Levane for TokiD

Hat: *FIR* Porkpie Hat Yellow by Rob1977 Moonites for FIR & MNA *

Glasses: /artilleri/ gladys glasses *orange* by Antonia Marat for /artilleri/

Necklace: + Divinity + Essence Necklaces by Noah Bodenhall for + Divinity + *

Shoes: Kool Kats – Brown by Eponymous Trenchmouth for Jeepers Creepers *

Poses by Luth Brodie for Reel Expression

All There in Black and White

All There in Black and White

“My philosophy, like color television, is all there in black and white” ~ Monty Python

All There in Black and White

Life would be so much easier if clothes were just black and white. Just match the black—to the white—and you’re done! (Like Garanimals—if you remember those.) I saw this new outfit from Kimmera Madison, available in three beautiful prints. Clearly Kimmera has been working the PS hard because these are gorgeous dresses—I love the colored ones but they defy my new take on dressing only in black and white to make things easy, so I chose this graphic beauty for the blog. New silver shoes from Nardya Rousselot and a black updo from Truth Hawks make the monochromatic matching complete.

All There in Black and White

There are a few touches of life to this look, courtesy of my skin and jewelry. First, I found my beautiful haunted visage from Monicuzza Babenco. The eyes she presents are so lifelike with such a subtly beautiful skin that the look is dramatic and gorgeous without being pretentious. Monicuzza gets that overdoing it would make this skin infinitely less palatable.

My lovely jewelry is a new set from AvaGardner Kungler, using once again her wonderful thoughtfulness in constructing the pieces. Her textures are so beautiful and artistic, that the spirit of the piece comes out, making it almost touchable. I can see the patina on the metal, the clouding on the antique glass. Gorgeous!

All There in Black and White

“There is no black-and-white situation. It’s all part of life. Highs, lows, middles.” ~ Van Morrison

Hair: >TRUTH< Skai w/Roots – crow by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: *YS&YS* Alice Dark – TDR Exclusive by Monicuzza Babenco for *YS&YS*, available at the Dressing Room

Eyes: IKON Kaleido Eyes – Ancient (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Top and skirt: Tres Beau “Night Iris” by Kimmera Madison for Tres Beau

Jewelry: ((Kunglers Extra) Toro necklace –Silver by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers Extra *

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix MANA Letti Sparkle Peep Toe Silver by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix *

Poses by Luth Brodie for Reel Expression (no longer available)