Intolerable Fashion: Top Five Worst Female Trends in SL Today

Intolerable Fashion

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. ~ Oscar Wilde

Blaise and Harper are damn sexy!

BlaiseJoshua and I were chatting the other day and he wanted to do a blog together about five fashion trends we do not like in SL. I was a bit hesitant. I try to keep this a nice family blog with cheerful proclamations and positivity, but he and a photo from my friend Boyd convinced me.

So Blaise and I went in search of the five things we really don’t like. Mine are listed below; Blaise is doing his own list at We dressed up in our respective most-disliked elements so we could really live in our dislike.

Intolerable Fashion

Therefore, please find, five things in SL fashion I really don’t like:

1. Unicode name. The unicode name fad—it really has to go. When someone’s name is Ħʘ̊ŋƐɏ Б๏๏ Б๏๏, I would just prefer to call them “The Avatar Formerly Known as Prince.” He thought it was cutting edge when he did it in the 90s. Now even HE thinks it’s stupid.

2. Fish face. The eyes set too widely apart, the beady little eye openings, the nose too narrow, the mouth set in a permanent scowl, the buck teeth—it’s a recipe for looking like a mutant. (And yes, I did make a sort of IPR (“invisible pony rider”) shape because it seems to always accompany this face style.)

Intolerable Fashion

3. A proliferation of piercings and other silly accessories.  I do remember when I first started SL, I had a nose piercing, and I thought that was so cool. But this profusion of piercings is positively painful. A friend calls it “metallic herpes.” I call it “facial shrapnel.” You’re not edgy–you’re just a few thousand up in ARC.

4. Related to that: “fierce” tattoos and provocatively slutty clothes. I bundle this all as one because it’s a “style.” I am guessing it’s a backlash against the sort of twee charming cover-me-up clothes we see walking around the grid or the elegance of ballroom dancers, but come on, this Jersey Shore look is hardly au courant. You do realize they put Snooki on TV for us to laugh at her, right?

5. Fidgety AO (see video). These AOs make me think either I need to be passing out valium or carrying a tranquilizer gun. Moving for the sake of moving is not what an AO should be. It should look like a natural person standing in place, not a girl trying to get smacked in the ass or a fairy princess twinkling her toes. For safety’s sake, bend from the knees not from the waist. If your AO is picking something up or showing something off, make it less overt.

Intolerable Fashion

No credits today. Just a thanks to BlaiseJoshua from for making me do this and for being my partner in crime.


23 thoughts on “Intolerable Fashion: Top Five Worst Female Trends in SL Today

  1. Unicode names make me feel like a tourist–I stare at the letters but they do not compute. My English/Strange Shit dictionary does not help.
    Fish face: Thanks for articulating a truly strange trend.
    Metallic herpes/Face shrapnel: Still laughing.
    When someone walks away or bends over when you are having a conversation, what message does that send? A rhetorical question, please do not answer.
    And the panties around the knees… do they come in black with slogan?
    Thanks Harper, for a great laugh.

  2. lol This is awesome! I’ve been looking at the “Fish-faced invisible-pony riders” that seem to be all over the blogs, and wondering… “Do designers REALLY want their clothes displayed like that?”
    It scares me a little.

  3. omg Harper, I love you too! You nailed every single affectation/fad that I find so unappealing in SL. I get it that some people want to look odd and strange for whatever reason (just because they can, I suppose) but I will never understand how people choose to be ugly. Oh dear, is that too judgemental? heh.

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  5. What a wonderful post! I am all for personal expression in SL (and some of the things you mention here, I relegate to just that), but I admit that sometimes, these things are just a bit overdone for my taste. We like to play around with our looks now and again, but overall we go for verisimilitude. Why not go for a petite, a tiny, or be an animal or an alien or something else truly unique and artistic if you want to be different? There are just soooo many options! Of course, focusing on inner beauty is not all bad…and perhaps this style is just another way to belong to a specific social group. I don’t really know.

    Our Number One peeve from your list is the Unicode naming. LL “made a boo-boo” when they went to the present naming system, and now – well, we’re all paying for it. We mostly ignore those names when we are out and about, but RL relatives have a venue and monitor guests so they can be properly welcomed. (We’d just use their usernames, but these people are very guest-oriented and actually care how they approach people!) One night, more than 50% of the guests were carrying such monikers. We happened to be there for the show and tried to help, but…! Check your “Nearby” sometime. Those Unicode names either end up clustered at the top (or bottom) of the list. It’s even hard to copy-paste them when the local chat is exploding. Alphabetical listing? Out the virtual window! Hm…perhaps that is where some of these display names need to go.

  6. I laughed and laughed and laughed… And yes, I agree with everything you said… and the ‘bend over and present butt’… I always think of female cats in heat when I see that ao…

  7. Great blog post as always Harper and a totally terrific idea to do it jointly with Blaise covering the male side of this trend at his .

    In addition to the ‘bend over and present butt’ there is also the equally bizarre “I think I smell dog poop, l’ll check if it is on the sole of my shoes/feet” stand animation.

    Whoever originally identified the ‘sad, angry, pear shaped, young female’ as a style trend in need of comment is clearly brilliant. In fact, I understand they may be doing their own blog scrutineering all things style in SL (shameless promotion of my blog which will be up and running in a week or so).



  8. Only 5? And I agree on everything, and you’re not the only one. I’ve complained about fish-face and IPR on my own blog.

    Though for Unicode display names there’s a reason that LL put it in, to support non-latin alphabet languages better. However, as we’ve seen, some English speakers now put circled letters or use Greek “Theta” in their own Display names, which as you said, is a bad bad thing.

  9. Harper i want share this with you and the readers of this post. Today i walked around in sl and there she was. Someone with exact all the things you have in your list. I was smiling seeing her. I made some pictures because i wanted to show it to you. She asked me why i made pictures. I said someone described the style you wear and i want show it to her. Later on she im-ed me sended me a picture to tell me about an item in sale that she weared. So sweet.

    So i write here because ofcourse we have our own taste and disgusts, but please please never let it change in judging people or in discrimination. See more then the outside or for example the color of a skin
    I know with this post you didn’t have that in mind. But ..just wanted warn for the danger.

    • The difference between judging people based on appearances in RL and in SL that in SL we choose our appearance. In RL, we don’t.

      If someone chooses to put a big frown on their face, pull their eyes so wide apart on their face they look cognitively disabled, distort the female body to a caricature of all the most sexual parts of a female (hips and breasts), dress in a manner that is provocative and wear the title “Bitch” on their name, clothing or profile–well who am I not to believe they are a bitch or misogynist or unhappy?

      I can’t worry about judging the ugly duckling who chooses to be that way. And if it’s a big joke–I’m not getting it.

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  11. Meh, if people like the way their avi looks, good for them. Doesn’t bother me one way or the other although I did see a female with her underwear around her knees at a store and think it was a slightly odd choice of attire.

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