Light My Fire

Light My Fire

You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Girl, we couldn’t get much higher

Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire

~ “Light My Fire” by the Doors

Light My Fire

I looked up lyrics to “Light My Fire” and pondered “my love become a funeral pyre” for a few minutes. They couldn’t come up with a better rhyme? “My love is round like a bicycle tire” or “My love is hot like a hair dryer” or “My love sings like a church choir”? How about “My rhyming dictionary is a little dire”?

The Boho Culture Fair is on and Trill Zapatero reminded me she will be there with a patchwork horse and several beautiful items, all proceeds going to women and girls in Afghanistan. (Do not forget about the circumstances of Malala Yousufzai from neighboring Pakistan, who was shot by the Taliban for speaking for education for girls. The lives of girls and women in both countries is dangerous and oftentimes oppressive. Every penny helps.) She sent over this brilliant ensemble with patchwork hippie jacket, bellbottom jeans (expertly rendered) and stylish top hat complete with feather. I complement the outfit with long mesh beads from Tyr Rosenblum and brilliant suede boots from Pixieplumb Flanagan, who has really hit it out of the ballpark with her suede ankle and knee boots—high quality without high price.

Light My Fire

My skin is the newest from Aida Ewing in the Jamaica shade. Once again, Aida stuns with impressive makeups and skin shades that are richer and more beautiful than most. My eyes from Ikon Innovia, are ones I keep returning to. Typically this “fantasy” look (of having fractals or other images in side an iris and pupil) doesn’t move me but I keep coming back to these. I think it’s because of the light reflections and the colors, which Ikon has rendered so well. Miss Queue Marlowe has come out with a bunch of mesh hair recently, combining the flow and movement of flexis with mesh underneath. This one is mesh only but works perfectly for this look.

Light My Fire

My photo partner, while I would love to claim as Jim Morrison, risen from the dead, is BlaiseJoshua, my handy man about SL. I gave him a photo of Jim, he popped a hair and some glasses on and I gasped. Needless to say, he lit my fire and blew my tire and shorted my wire. (Wanna know what he wore? Check his blog here.)

Light My Fire

Come on, baby, light my fire….

Hair: .b – druid paprika by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog *

Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Basic – Jamaica04 D by Aida Ewing for Glam Affair *

Eyes: IKON Kaleido Eyes – Ancient (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Outfit: BoHo HoBo  Bohemian Victorian coat and hat by Trill Zapatero for BoHo HoBo, available at the Boho Culture Fair *

Beads: [Aura] Beaded Boho (Rigged) Necklace – Royal by Tyr Rosenblum for [Aura]

Boots: BM Lainie Suede Ankle Boots All Colour Pack by Pixieplumb Flanagan for Baby Monkey *

Boy: BlaiseJoshua of


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