Gifts to Make You Smile

Gifts to Make You Smile

Peace begins with a smile. ~ Mother Teresa

Gifts to Make You Smile

The Peace on Earth hunt begins tomorrow at over 200 stores and the gifts that I have seen are incredible. Take, for example, this glittering ball gown from Ivy Burner. I mean, this is a gift???  Are you kidding? I would pay good money for this! With its beautifully texture bodice and swirling iridescent skirts, it’s worth far more than the time it will take to find it hidden at Sassy. Add the jewelry I show from Maeve Mortlock and Geeb Snowpaw, and you have beautiful pieces for the cost of what? A few minutes of time doing the fun of hunting.

Gifts to Make You Smile

The hunt also has several skins. This skin by Marie Whitfield is a wonderful example of the generosity of skin makers. With three tones, each with two cleavage options, it’s quite a score. I am wearing the skin on a shape from Xme Xue, who makes my favorite plus-sized avatar shapes. They always have beautiful faces, sexy curves, and proportionate silhouettes.

Several creators are giving out décor rather than avatar items. I show a birdbath from Ittibitti Monday and a gorgeous fountain from Cierra Anatine. The fountain itself is worth quite a bit with Cierra’s beautful textures and would be lovely in any décor.

Gifts to Make You Smile

“I don’t know what’s in the box, but I love it. Unopened gifts contain hope.” ~ Jarod Kintz, This Book Title is Invisible

Hair: >TRUTH< Portia w/Roots – driftwood by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [BLUSH] Selma Skin Tan – Nude (Enhanced Cleavage) by Marie Whitfield for [BLUSH], available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Shape: !  Ample Avi – TRYSTE – POE5 Gift by Xme Xue for Ample Avi, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Bleached Blue ML by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Gown:  ~Sassy!~ Whitney gown – sky by Ivy Burner for ~Sassy!~, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Necklace: Timelines vintage necklace – Peace On Earth 2012 by Geeb Snowpaw for Timelines Vintage Couture, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Earrings: Ear Candy ~ POE 2012 Earring by Maeve Mortlock for Ear Candy, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Birdbath: Half globe birdbath with animated doves by Ittibitti Monday for ! Winter Super Wonderland, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Fountain: *K* Florentine Dove Fountain by Cierra Anatine for Kismet, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Poses by Audrey Cresci for The Muse Poses, available in the Peace on Earth Hunt *

Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Jigsaws falling into place
There is nothing to explain
You eye each other as you pass
She looks back, you look back
Not just once
Not just twice

~ Radiohead, “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”

Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to put together a look. And at times it’s a jigsaw falling into place. This outfit gave itself over in bits and pieces and finally came together when I found this great mesh jacket from Cocoro Lemon, part of the series of mesh pieces she has come out with for men and women. It has a brilliant shape and texture and will go with tons of things—I will truly enjoy wearing this around the grid.

Two elements here were Black Friday sale items. First the tank underneath came from Aranel Ah’s great sale (came with a teensy eensy little pair of panties). My amazing leather pants come from Ivy Burner during her sale at one of my new favorite stores, where I can always find something sexy and well made. I set the whole look up with the brilliant patent leather sandals from Redgrave. I am not sure why more people aren’t raving about them—they have been coming out with incredible shoes at Redgrave for both men and women.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Kuranosuke Kamachi has come out several gorgeous lush mesh hair pieces, all along the theme of wavy, thick and gorgeous. This one, with it’s wave across the face, is my personal favorite. My skin is Inka Mexicola’s offering at the Dressing Room with great brows and a beautifully lined eye. I dressed its pink lips up a bit with a lipstick from Mocksoup Graves.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place

You’ve got a light you can feel it on your back
You’ve got a light you can feel it on your back
Jigsaw’s falling into place

Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Moelleux” Red 2 by Kuranosuke Kamachi for =DeLa*=

Skin: {.essences.} Blush: nude by Inka Mexicola for {.essences.}, available at The Dressing Room

Makeup: M.O.C.K Cosmetics Burgundy Lipstain (Lipcolor only) by Mocksoup Graves for M.O.C.K. cosmetics *

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Dark Brown (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Jacket: *COCO*_BikerJacket(Black) by cocoro Lemon for COCO

Top: *BOOM* My Milkshake tied tank (purple) by Aranel Ah for *BOOM*

Pants: ~Sassy!~ Tribeca leather pants – black by Ivy Burner for ~Sassy!~

Nails: Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_LizardGlitter by Jin Elfan for Leverocci

Belt: !!KKBB!! Tess Belt – Bejeweled w/Black Straps by Delia Linette for kisskissbangbang

Shoes: – Shoes LILLY – 3colors by TeamRedgrave for Redgrave

Poses by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations

Spirit of the Season

Spirit of the Season

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!  ~ Hamilton Wright Mabie

Spirit of the Season

What is better than dressing up for a holiday party? Today I set together a few mesh pieces with relative success once I tinkered with sizing. On top I have the bodice from one of Raven Pennyfeather’s beautiful gowns complete with her characteristic decolletage decoration and a shoulder scarf that I tinted more purple to match the outfit.

I am wearing a beautifully textured mesh skirt from Poulet Koenkamp that she is releasing. The difference in use of a basic mesh skirt is evidenced by the textures—Poulet brings this one to life and makes it chic and stylish with the shaded pleated fabrics. I also donned one of her new headpieces, this piled with roses. I appreciate that it’s not multicolored—then the hat doesn’t become the sole focal point of the outfit. (Ever notice that Katherine Middleton’s hats never overwhelm? It’s has it should be. Her face and smile are most important.)

Chic bowed pumps from Tya Fallingbridge finish the look. These come with a hud so the bow and sole/platform can be changed. Brilliant and versatile.

Spirit of the Season

Speaking of the face, I am wearing the newest skin from NatalieWells. I love the eyes and the contours of the face—the skin almost makes my shape look like I am square-jawed. I have added Mocksoup Graves’ translucent lipstick because the lips on this skin are a little dry looking and the color adds a bit. I also added Kianna Noel’s eyeliner to dress the look up a bit. This skin provides a great palette for adding different looks.

Spirit of the Season

Come, woo me, woo me, for now I am in a holiday humor, and like enough to consent. ~ William Shakespeare

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Amelie Mesh Hair – Chocolate by MissAllSunday Lemon for /Wasabi Pills/ *

Skin: Deesses: Laurette – Dark eyebrows – Milky Coffee by NatalieWells for Deesses *

Makeup -[AddiCt]-Aki Eyeshadow/liner/Purple by Kianna Noel for -[AddiCt]- and M.O.C.K Cosmetics Raspberry Wine Lipstain  (Lipcolor only) by Mocksoup Graves for M.O.C.K. cosmetics

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Dark Brown (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Top: RFYRE INSPIRE MESH SERIES NOIR:  BODICE by Raven Pennyfeather for House of RFyre *

Skirt: :: PM :: Break Skirt in Aubergine [MESH] by Poulet Koenkamp for PurpleMoon Creations *

Hat: :: PM :: Kawana Headpiece in Black by Poulet Koenkamp for PurpleMoon Creations *

Ring: P.C; Diamond Encrusted Square Cut Amethyst Ring by Cora Lu for Paper Couture

Nails: Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_SilverPlain by Jin Elfan for Leverocci

Shoes: [PM]Luna Leather Woods – w/TB- Purple by Tya Fallingbridge for Pixel Mode *

Tree: Trompe Loeil – Funky Christmas Tree Gold & Silver v2 by Cory Edo for Trompe Loeil *

Poses by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

The home should be the treasure chest of living. ~ Le Corbusier

Visting House Beautiful

I was poking around at Maven Homes and I got an IM from Cain Maven asking if I was looking for a new home. I was actually admiring his Vita home. With 2 bedrooms, a bath, dining room and kitchen, living room and bar, and a huge pool and modern design, it’s a breathtaking residence. I admitted to him I was salivating over the Vita when he invited me to see the furnishings he was finishing for the home, which are soon to be sold as an alternative with the home for an upcharge.

Visting House Beautiful

I couldn’t pass up a tour, of course. I was familiar with the house and wanted to see Cain’s interpretation of the interiors. Assisted by his partner Kaerri Rae, Cain chose Danish modern to suit the lines of the house. In the living room, for example, is this fine sofa, rug, coffee table and sunburst mirror. The colors are warm and homey, despite the almost austere lines of the modern furniture. This is due, in no doubt, to Kaerri’s considerable output as to design and colors.

Visting House Beautiful

The front bedroom includes a beautiful bed for two, art, side tables, and plenty of room for your own customization. All the furniture is mesh, so the addition of these pieces will be low-impact. You can get the house with the furniture and hardly feel the difference in your prim count with plenty of room to add your own touches.

Visting House Beautiful

The bathroom is, as before, outfitted with shower, tub and vanity but now it includes additional touches like soap in a dish, cosmetics, a towel rack, and this “fish on a stick,” as Cain called it. I prefer to think of it is a Chihuly knock off made from blown glass.

Visting House Beautiful

The master bedroom, which features the stunning curved bank of windows as showing in my first photo, includes a bed with poses, night stands, floor cushions, glassware, console, vases, wall clock, lamp, and a TV that includes a browser so you can shop for Cain’s other items on Marketplace right from the comfort of your home.

Visting House Beautiful

The dining room features a full set of place settings placed on this beautiful period set of furniture with a sacher torte from Austria (supposedly—I think Cain kind of makes stuff up). Kaerri will eventually be selling the individual furniture pieces in her store but until then, they will only come available with the house.

Let me give brief nod to my look. Mesh not only makes this house look fab but makes me look amazing as well. AvaGardner Kungler’s newest dress helped me make the tour more fashionable with a necklace from Noah Bodenhall and one of Kavar Cleanslate’s newest hairs, which is working with a lot of my outfits lately.


“I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.”   Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

Hair: ::Exile:: The Only Exception:Pecan by Kavar Cleanslate for ::Exile:: *

Skin: *L* Amethyst – Sunkissed – LightSmokey – DB by Kaethe Dryssen for Leafy

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Bleached Green ML by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: (Kunglers) Ciara dress – Baroque by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers *

Necklace: + Divinity + Lovestruck Necklace by Noah Bodenhall for + Divinity + *

Shoes: N-core ETOILE “Coffe” by Claire Messenger and Nuria Augapfel for N-core

Home and furnishings: Vita by Cain Maven for Maven Homes, available as structure only on Marketplace and soon furnished as well

The Gifts of the Season

Whirled Peas

I am in the habit of looking not so much to the nature of a gift as to the spirit in which it is offered. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Whirled Peas

It’s that time of the year again when we fight in the store for the last $180 TV, we find out at the last minute we have to make 4 dozen cookies for an exchange the next day, the snowblower is on the fritz when the first snow has come, and our boots have a hole in them. (OK, this is my own personal experience—your mileage may vary.) Amidst all this, however, is joy—seeing kids wait for Santa, visiting with friends you haven’t seen in a while, enjoying the beauty of the first snowflakes, and oh yes.. the annual Peace on Earth Hunt. If you don’t think that’s pure joy, you’re a scrooge.

For the fifth year, the Peace on Earth Hunt is taking place from December 1 to January 6. During the hunt you can visit OVER TWO HUNDRED designers and find their beautiful holidays gifts made just for you as you search through their shops. Now I am not a big hunter, but this one is certainly worth it, considering the quality of the creators and the gifts being offered. Consider this gorgeous dress from joeylin. I have been meaning to blog her work for a while—mesh done in transparent textures so the look is ethereal and alluring. She is offering this dress as a gift during the hunt. With mesh pieces combined with a flexi skirt, it’s well worth the search and a piece on par with anything else she sells in her store.

Whirled Peas

Heather Beebe, whose generosity knows no bounds, is offering this gorgeous skin as her gift to hunters. She is setting it out in a set of four shades with varying cleavage and brows so you don’t get stuck with one look. That’s quite a generous gift. Mirja Mills made this fantastic hair in black and white for your fantasy looks with flowing wavy locks and a stunning silhouette. Giving the option of two colors is kind. And Tiffy Vella is giving away this exquisite snowflake-shaped necklace and earrings with matching ring. Undoubtedly this took her quite a bit of time and skill to create.

It’s a lot of work for the organizer, Sequoia Nightfire, to organize this hunt. She does it with no compensation that I know of, and the creators receive nothing but your eyes on their store in return. So  remember, hunters, each one of these items is a gift, an offering from a creator to share their talents, their time and their artistry. Thank the creators with purchases or with kind words, and enjoy the bounties of the season.

Whirled Peas

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” ~ William Arthur Ward

Hair .:EMO-tions:. * HEAVEN*/black and .:EMO-tions:. HAIRBASE 10 – straight black by Mirja Mills for Emo-tions *

Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Skyler/POE 5/natural/Frx/CLV/BLK by Heather Beebe for Rockberry *

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Bleached Blue ML by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: joeys Mesh Cavalli inspired Winter gown by joeylin for Paisley Daisy *

Jewelry: Eclectica ‘Harikoa’ by Tiffy Vella for Eclectica *

Shoes: Karried Away Ballet Flat Platinum by Karrie Kweller for Karried Away

Poses by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations

Dale, Meet the Bot. Bot, Meet Dale

I can’t help but share this. A series of lifelike bots has been clustering at popular stores and proffering a sob story about coming back to SL and then hitting people up for Linden. My friend Dale had a pretty good reaction to one of them. (I always hate reading dialogue from SL on a blog but this bears showing.)

AerisApple: don’t you be pushin me!

Dale (dale.innis): sry, didn’t see you.  crowded landing point!

AerisApple: I’m just jokin SL is super wonky and rezzing slow :(

Dale (dale.innis): def

AerisApple: awww your avatar is awesome

Dale (dale.innis): you like the giant cheese-head? [Note: Dale’s a nice person but not an idiot. Already suspects something is going on.]

AerisApple: I am art retarded, I never make good avatars! Did you make yours?

Dale (dale.innis): Yep, I did!  Me and the U. S. Congress, and a sheep.

AerisApple: I logged in for like the first time in a year yesterday, can’t believe how it has changed here

Dale (dale.innis): Just yesterday, eh?

Dale (dale.innis): Do you know you are flying? [Here Dale tests for sentience. The bot is, of course, flying because it’s not on a regular client.]

AerisApple: have you been in SL for a long time?

AerisApple: I think I need a new shape for all of this new stuff, I tried to make one but I don’t think I came even close to yours

Dale (dale.innis): Yes, since 1843!  Would you like my autograph? [Now that’s not a joke.. Dale’s been in SL a loooong time.]

AerisApple: .. mesh is so crazy! and the new skins, I don’t even know many of the creators anymore. Who makes the best skins now?

Dale (dale.innis): These days we make skins from dead squirrels that we find in the road.

AerisApple: I quit because this guy I was seeing from SL asked me to stop playing :(( and I listened like a tart :(

Dale (dale.innis): You were seeing a guy?  Why?

AerisApple: he said there were too many guys in here and he got jealous.I should have thought it was weird that he was so insecure…

Dale (dale.innis): He was probably an FBI agent.

AerisApple: meanwhile, he would come on here and give girls his phone number, which I didn’t find out until one of them messaged me and I got the offline in my email.

Dale (dale.innis): Yeah, that’s FBI agents for you.  Always looking for international spies.  Or is that the CIA?

AerisApple: I had met him irl too and he was cheating on me in SL….. idk I should have never quit

Dale (dale.innis): you me sex now, please? [Dale is testing how newb she is.]

AerisApple: Sorry to share my personal stuff I know that’s a little weird

Dale (dale.innis): Well, clearly you are some sort of pervert.

AerisApple: I quit right after that cause I was bummed out about the situation.

Dale (dale.innis): and probably they wouldn’t let you use a computer from prison, eh?

AerisApple: but here I am back again, starting over. Everything that I had in my inventory was so out of date anyway

AerisApple: your avatar is really good though truly, one of the best ones I have seen since I have been back, you should be proud of it.

Dale (dale.innis): That’s very kind of you!  Can I borrow some money?

AerisApple: mind if I ask a favor :X

AerisApple: I know it’s weird for me to ask you this, but I’m wondering if you might be able to help me out with 150L until I get a job here?

Dale (dale.innis): I know an easy way you can earn 150L real quick, babydoll!

AerisApple: no one seems to want to talk to me because my avatar is newbish :(

Dale (dale.innis): and ’cause you are a bot.

[Dale pays it 1L]

Dale (dale.innis): you me sex now please?
Dale (dale.innis): did you get the money I sent you?
Dale (dale.innis): Hello?

Black Friday

Black Friday

Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.  ~ Dave Barry

Black Friday

At 3 am, I will get up, pull my hair back courtesy of Sissy Pessoa, put on my makeup from Tricky Boucher, strap on my wedge heels from Onyx LeShelle, pull on my opera length gloves, and don a large ball gown with a slit cut up to there from Sascha Frangilli. And of course, I will wear a pearl tiara and earrings made by Eshi Otawara.

I will drive to the nearest mall (which is 2 blocks away but these shoes are killer on concrete) and purchase sock sets 2-for-1, single-purpose appliances (donut hole maker, anyone?), boxes and boxes of K-cups and last year’s non-hit movie that went to DVD in a week and is probably on Netflix but I can’t check while I am in the store and it’s 50% off til noon only! I will also purchase rolls and rolls of wrapping paper that will stick out of my bag and bonk someone near me on at least three different occasions.

Black Friday

There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing up at Kohl’s in a ballgown. In fact, I think it should be required, and I also think long lashes and headpieces of this quality should also be required, especially in the Narciso Rodriguez department. In fact, I think a little high fashion would calm the savages at Walmart and that way I could sneak that Nintendo DS out from under their eyes as they are dazzled by my beauty.

I’ve got a strategy for Black Friday. What’s yours?

Black Friday

We used to build civilizations.  Now we build shopping malls.  ~ Bill Bryson

Hair: Baiastice-Moira hair attachment-ULTRA BLACK by Sissy Pessoa for Baiastice

Skin: -Belleza- Shyla Sk 8 by Tricky Boucher for -Belleza-*

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Aspen Light by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: SAS – Vantage Black (B) by Sascha Frangilli for Sascha’s Designs

Hairpiece and Earrings: Pearl Headdress (silver/dark pearl) – by Eshi Otawara for Eshi Otawara *

Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Suave Raven by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya

P.S. Do not miss out on virtual Black Friday sales with the Skin Addiction Black Friday. Click here to get more information.


Wearing the Pants

Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence. ~ Erma Bombeck

Wearing the Pants

I am American. And we celebrate one of the most North American of holidays, Thanksgiving, like most everyone else—by eating turkey. Thanksgiving at my house is a very casual thing—my mom, my dad, Eshi and my family do a potluck at my house. My dad makes the turkey. My mom makes sweet potatoes and brings a pie. I make mashed potatoes and beans. Eshi is promising cranberries this year after she shuddered seeing the blob that comes out of a can. We eat, we enjoy, we laugh, and we relax. It’s the way a holiday is supposed to be—a holiday!

I think of homes where kids come home from college or grad school, bringing their changed ways, their own unique fashion and style. The first time I came home from college, my mom asked if I was severely depression—there was so much black in the wash. Now I think there would be brown too—and lots of thrift shop. I hope this look replicates that. First with the new mesh trousers from LeeZu Baxter. With their oversized baggy look and pocket watch, they are a unisex fashion statement. (They are also loose enough to allow stuffing oneself at Thanksgiving. See? I know what I am doing!)

Wearing the Pants

Paired with a woven belt from a pair of boy pants I have from hiwinyu Fazuku and flats from Izzie Button, it’s a charming, almost Annie Hall look, especially with the eclectic hat Marcopol Oh is selling at L’accessoires and a scarf from Drinkinstein Sorbet.

My luminous skin has smoky college girl eyes and light lipstick from Aida Ewing. I modified a Chiaki Xue hair to fit under this cap. One thing about mesh hair—can’t do diddly with it when it comes through a hat. There is still room in the grid for modifiable prim hair!

Wearing the Pants

Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants. ~ Kevin James

Hair: *Dura-Girl*33(Mocha) by Chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Basic – India02 D HB by Aida Ewing for Glam Affair *

Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Wood (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Top: ::VMC:: Hellena Outfit – Jacket – Black by Victory Modan for VMC

Pants: [LeeZu!] Indiana Tic Toc Pants /brown by LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu! *

Hat: La Penderie de Nicole::My Rainy Day Hat::Brown/Leather Bow by Marcopol Oh for La Penderie de Nicole, available at L’accessoires

Belt: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Leather woven belt brown(no waist-tab) by hiwinyu Fazuku for Mr.Poet

Scarf: The sea hole Sheer tank & scarf Set : NECK SCARF : Mocha by Drinkenstein Sorbet for The Sea Hole

Shoes: Izzie’s – Flower Flats brown by Izzie Button for Izzie’s

Poses by Valencia Southard for Marukin

Barely Enough

Barely Enough

“I have said that Texas is a state of mind, but I think it is more than that. It is a mystique closely approximating a religion.” ~ John Steinbeck

Barely Enough

I should have named the post “Enough Barely,” because in this post you get to see plenty of Barely Texan, a friend from the great state of Texas. I have so many friends in SL from Texas. Now I don’t always agree with their politics, their lifestyle (big is not ALWAYS better) or their weather, but to a person, the people are genuine and amazing. Barely is just one such—adventurous in his music choices, colorful in his dress, and bold in his humor—he’s hardly “barely” anything.

And Barely stepped up to do this blog because he has an extraordinary wardrobe and sense of fashion. He just makes one heckuva SL boy. Take for example, his Texas summer look here—mesh top from Metro Moonwall, board shorts from Kitt Ragu and sandals from Eow Reverie. Bing bang boom and Barely has it going on.

Barely Enough

The big show here is the newest skin from Reishiprophet—Emerson. I was going to ask Blunt to show this skin, but Barely pointed out that with a name like Emerson, it’s meant for a thoughtful, intelligent man, and he volunteered to show it himself. (Poor Blunt.) Barely gives Emerson another whole flavor, showing off the luscious lips, the aquiline nose, the dark masculine eyebrows with Barely’s own brand of boyish personality and sexy soulfulness, especially combined with Ikon Innovia’s eyes. (Note here to all in SL, there are no genders to eyes—eyes are eyes. Barely wears the same brown eyes I often wear but makes them so much more… manly.)

Barely Enough

“You can all go to hell; I will go to Texas.” ~ David Crockett

Hair – Dura-Boys&Girls*34(Dark Brown) by Chiaki Xue for Dura

Skin – Nivaro – Emerson skin- summertone – hairy_stubble_bald by Reishiprophet for Nivaro

Eyes – IKON – Utopia Eyes – Dark wood (M) by Ikon Innovia for IKON

Tanktop – Sleepy Eddy – Layered Tanktop (Red) by Metro Moonwall for Sleepy Eddy

Shorts – C’est La Vie – ::K:: BoardShorts Mesh classicbrown by Kitt Ragu for ::K::

Sandals – Ronsem – male Sandals (mesh) by Eow Reverie for Ronsem

Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum.

Stepping Out

“Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.” ~ Margaret Atwood

Stepping Out

Today is Margaret Atwood’s birthday—she is 74. She is one of my favorite authors and has shown that one’s light doesn’t necessarily burn out as she becomes older and more successful—it can burn brightly, provocatively and thoughtfully. She writes literary fiction, critical thinking, and science fiction. I am particularly fond of her science fiction work, which seems to have become her genre in the past few years. I recently just read her two latest offerings, which are shorts offered via for the Kindle–I’m Starved for You and Choke Collar—and they are witty and edgy dystopian chapters in a serial novel—a bit kinky, a bit surprising and a bit funny in a sort of dark way. I would want to be Margaret Atwood when I grow up if I had the least bit of chance.

Stepping Out

But no, I am simply a fashion blogger and what you see here is the combination of a few elements from great SL designers, including a mesh dress from AvaGardner Kungler, showcasing her ease with elegance and color mixing. The assymmetrical silhouette of this short skirt lends it an air of insouciance. I accessorized with a darling clutch from Renee Harvy and these charming pumps from Betty Doyle, featured at the Zodiac, with a curling tongue on the vamp.

My hair is one of Queue Marlowe’s newest, an update on the Harper model, now including sculpties and a slightly different shape. I am hoping to see this around the grid more—it’s darling. My skin is one of Aida Ewing’s beautiful glowing skins.

The title of this post, incidentally, is from the book, The Handmaid’s Tale. “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” It’s a phrase I have internalized.

Stepping Out

“What am I living for and what am I dying for are the same question.” ~ Margaret Atwood

Hair: cray sandy by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog *

Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Basic – Jamaica01 D by Aida Ewing for Glam Affair *

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Dark Brown (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: (Kunglers) Veronica dress – S – Lavender by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers *

Clutch: ::Duh!:: Little Clutch  – Color Change by Renee Harvy for Duh!

Shoes: Ingenue :: Scorpius :: Water by Betty Doyle for Ingenue, featured at The Zodiac