Chill November

Chill November

The Fall Almost Nobody Sees

by David Budbill

Everybody’s gone away.
They think there’s nothing left to see.
The garish colors’ flashy show is over.
Now those of us who stay
hunker down in sweet silence,
blessed emptiness among

red-orange shadblow
purple-red blueberry
copper-brown beech
gold tamarack, a few
remaining pale yellow
popple leaves,
sedge and fern in shades
from beige to darkening red
to brown to almost black,
and all this in front of, below,
among blue-green spruce and fir
and white pine,

all of it under gray skies,
chill air, all of us waiting
in the somber dank and rain,
waiting here in quiet, chill
waiting for the snow.

Chill November

The leaves are blown off all the trees but I am content because this means I can wear MORE clothes, which is always wonderful for a fashion-loving type. I have recently found “Writer’s Almanac” online from American Public Media. I subscribe to their daily email now, which I love, and this gem of a poem came the other day. It was perfect for this look—a new sweater dress in mesh from Diarmud Miklos that comes in eight colors with each having its own set of three colors to set on the mesh belt via a handy HUD.

My fabulous mesh boots come via Ju Weissnicht in 24 colors. Well there are eight sets of boots and they each have three colors in them. I will tell you, I forced Rory Serpente to see each and every color of these boots (and the sweater and the tights and the chair) while I tried to assemble this outfit. He was incredibly patient as I tried on boots with each sweater dress and then tights (of course he was rezzing half his inventory while I did this) and then each chair and advised me. He is kind of a fashion and design virtuoso who can articulate better than anyone why I should not be wearing the red dress with the orange tights on the black chair.

Chill November

I also swapped out my chair eight times. This club chair from Cory Edo comes in eight colors and includes 16 poses, so you can hang upside down, sit right side up, sit like a lady or sit like a guy. Rory, seeing all the colors, said now I have forced him to buy club chairs.

Chill November

My hair is one of Queue Marlowe’s newest and this sassy short cut is something I will be wearing again and again, especially with her combination of sculpty and flexi. I love the curl into the face, the way the wisps go around my neck and the casual insouciance of the whole style. This is going to be an SL icon style, I predict.

Finally my skin, with its sprinkling of freckles, is Hart Larsson’s newest skin, Faith. With its hand-drawn features and sensuous sexy body, it’s the image of Hart’s ideal woman come to life. I love how it looks on me and chances are, it will look just as sexy on you.

Chill November

… waiting here in quiet, chill
waiting for the snow.

Hair: schnapp house wine by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog *

Skin: [PXL] FAITH SK NE DEB C2 FR by  Hart Larsson for [PXL]

Eyes: IKON Kaleido Eyes – Storm (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: ISPACHI Mesh [Demeter Dress] ~ Beaver by Diarmuid Miklos for ISPACHI *

Tights: (TokiD) un tights -orange by Maya Levane for TokiD

Earrings: erratic / hoop earrings / silver by Erratic Rain for erratic

Boots: Charlie boots – Fiesta! by Ju Weissnicht for Ju Weissnicht

Chair: Trompe Loeil – Club Chair Red by Cory Edo for Trompe Loeil *

Pose by Nita Bracken for Serenade

P.S. Thank you also to Blue and Stephen for advisement on my new lead.

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