The Natural

The Natural

Harper: Recently Blunt has undergone a transformation and become strangely attractive to me. First, he received the new Zan skin from ReishiProphet, who owns Nivaro. Reishi put it in Blunt’s hands and said, “Blunt, I am handing you the keys to the universe. Google Zan Perrion. You will learn all you need to know.” Blunt put on the skin, read about Zan Perrion, and he has become “The Natural.” (Or that’s what he has been calling himself—it’s really weird.) Blunt, what have you done?

The Natural

Blunt: I googled Zan Perrion as ReishiProphet suggested. I went to the website, entered the Ars Amorata University, watched all the DVDs about “The Way of the Natural.” I learned how to be a natural seducer. I no longer fear rejection. I “have the blood of champions and warriors circulating in my veins!” Please excuse me while I dazzle you with my eye contact:

The Natural

Blunt: People stop me and ask me. They say, “Blunt, how is it that you get all the women?” I say, “I do not get the women. I ‘get’ the women. I get what they like, I get what they like to hear, I get what they want from a man.” Pardon me while I pose suavely and shirtlessly for you….

The Natural

Blunt: I love the women. I love how they move, how they shop, how they complain about their PMS at inappropriate times. I love how they fiddle with their foot color so we show up with only 15 minutes left in Bard’s DJ set. I love how they ask if they look too fat in this dress but secretly eat M&Ms they have stashed in their purse. I love how they buy the fatpack for everything and then tell me they have nothing to wear. I love the women. Let me show you the look I give the women…

The Natural

Blunt: This is what Zan taught me: “A man who loves women is loved BY women.” And “Being yourself doesn’t attract women.. being your most attractive self does.” And remember: “Honesty is the greatest aphrodisiac.”

Harper: Blunt, after hearing you explain this transformation and watching you take photos, I realize it’s not you I find attractive—it’s the skin. You really have to shut up and just stand there and look handsome. Call me shallow, but I only feel attraction to the outer you; the inner you is still the same—meh.

On Blunt:

Hair: [Atro Patena] – Victor_Black by MechuL Actor for Atro Patena

Skin: -NIVARO- Zan Skin -summertone – trailhair_fullstubble_hair and -NIVARO- Zan Skin -summertone – nohair_clean_hair by Reishiprophet for –Nivaro- *

Tuxedo: sf design casablanca tuxedo by Swaffette firefly for SF Designs *

Shoes: Colbert – Black by Eponymous Trenchmouth for Jeepers Creepers

On Harper:

Hair: >TRUTH< Marley w/Roots – clove by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [PXL] FAITH SK NE MEB C1 by Hart Larsson for [PXL]

Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Brown by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: :: PM :: Mum Gown in Bordeaux by Poulet Koenkamp for PurpleMoon Creations

Shoes: N-core ETOILE “Coffe” by Claire Messenger and Nuria Augapfel for N-core


5 thoughts on “The Natural

    • Harper, how I love that name…. it sings with the melody of a thousand harps.. or in Beresford’s case..a thousand harpies. I will be contacting you, Harper, because I love the women.

  1. Blunt, I have always found you to be a most charmingly attractive man, however having seen these latest photographs I can no longer keep my feelings to myself and have to declare publicly my endless love, affection and pure animal lust for you. Be mine alone big boy.

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