KittyCatS Advent Calendar: Day 1

Once again KittyCatS is going to put up the KittyCatS Advent Calendar  to give a gift to KittyCatS & Friends every day leading up to Christmas. Starting today and each day leading up to Christmas, a participating brand will be giving you access to a wonderful advent gift. Most of the participants own KittyCatS themselves, so expect a little kittenish theme to some of these items, but also expect them to be high-quality and lots of fun.

KC 1

The items are open to anyone! (You don’t have to join a group, pay, or own a KittyCatS—just show up and click). It’s this easy: just tp into the sim, walk around the path to enjoy the decorations and click the little door on the calendar to open to the day’s gift. The items will be available until January 10, so if you want to grab them all at once, wait til after Christmas. But me, personally? I like opening a gift each day, so I’ll run over once a day to click that door open.

The first gift is from Andel Rhiadra of A.D.D. Décor. Her great store includes women’s clothing, accessories and make-up and this little gift of holiday-themed KittyCatS beds will be certain to make your holidays special.

KC 1

Find the KittyCatS Advent Calendar on the Winter Wonderland sim—open every day this December, 24 hours a day (except during rolling restarts).


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