In the Lap of Lux

In the Lap of Lux

Lux Chiantelle is a lady I run across when I am going to alternative clubs or shopping at the coolest stores or generally looking for the more progressive looks. One day I was at a sale at one such store and spotted Lux and looked her over, trying to divine where she found her look. I was fascinated. She saw my crosshairs and told a mutual friend that she feared I hated her look—she couldn’t have been more from the truth.

Lux Chiantelle

When making our avatars, we are saying something about ourselves. We are communicating visually about our perspective on where we stand in this society and who we think we are inside. No matter what you think, we can’t help but reveal clues about ourselves, even if our avatar doesn’t represent the self we show in RL. Lux projects herself as a woman who is artistic, independent, unique and beautiful (and no wonder—she’s a graphic artist in RL). It’s my privilege to have her style and photograph a look as a guest blogger.

Lux Chiantelle

“There are periods throughout my life where I wore black head to toe, but now I’m a little more expressive with color and patterns.  That being said, sometimes life just calls for a bit of edge…a bit of naughty….a bit more of sexy and there’s nothing like black to help pull that off.

Lux Chiantelle

“I love the satin sheen of this blazer and I think the shine of the leather leggings pairs nicely. The top from Kyoot is a big fav and it will definitely have a place in my inventory for quite some time even though it’s just a system top.

Lux Chiantelle

“The shoes have a story all of their own.  Made by [HANDverk] for the CINEMA 2012 event, I had to get a pair both in black & nude.  They’re a conversation piece and the fall into the bit of quirkiness I like to express on occasion. The shades from Steinwerk are a big fav…they are highly customizable.  The belt, from Miel is also customizable and one of my favorite ones to use to help tie and outfit together and I was happy to have stumbled up on it.  Why is a good mesh belt so hard to find?

Lux Chiantelle

“Now I’m off to strut my stuff, I hope you enjoyed the outfit…now go forth and shop!”

Hair: Swish 4-1 Bun, Hair & Pony AND Magdalen Pony (All in Bournville shade) by Minnu Palen for Lelutka

Skin: Ojen (Dawn 02) by Rocketta Haven for Kooqla

Jacket: Leverocci – Sleek Blazer (Nero) by Jin Elfan for Leverocci

Top: Kyoot – Atonement Top (old c88) by Saeya Nyanda for Kyoot

Pants: Tres Blah – Leather Leggings (Black) by Julliette Westerburg for Tres Blah

Belt: Miel Cali Cords Belt by Miel Nirvana for Miel

Glasses: Steinwerk – Shiny MeshNerd Glasses by Aveline Stein for Steinwerk

Necklace: [Handverk] – Cylinder Necklace (silver/black) by Daphne Klossovsky for [Handverk]

Bracelet Left:  Aviary Claw Bracelet (Onyx) by Harry Hyx for Ison

Bracelet Right: Fenris Leather Cuff (Black) by Hyasynth Tiramisu for silentsparrow

Ring: Scary Kitty Ring (White) **Halloween Gacha** by Brutus Martinek for Piddiddle

Shoes: [Handverk] – Penis Pumps (Black) by Daphne Klossovsky for [Handverk]

Photos taken by Lux Chiantelle at Concrete Cube Light


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