KittyCats & Friends Advent Calendar, Day 5

Day five in the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar brings a darling 50’s style mesh outfit from Zzoiezee of Zanzo. In cute pink, black and white, this one mesh piece gives you a perfect look for the sock hop, especially featuring a little kitten instead of a poodle. Zanzo is a great place for find pret a porter or fun separates in mesh. Zzoiezee also threw in a great little hud for KittyCatS users geared towards instant viewing of Saga’s KittyCatS documentation.


Find both great gifts today at the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar.


3 thoughts on “KittyCats & Friends Advent Calendar, Day 5

      • You are so welcome. Thank you for taking the time to post the gifts daily. That is a big task to add to your normal blogging duties.

        I don’t know if you and your readers are aware of this but the nice people at KittyCatS have set up alternate locations for the Advent calendar to help balance the traffic. So if you have already seen Winterland and want to avoid the crowds you can use those alternate locations. I know we have one at the ScratchN Post ( and one on the Kitty Kottage sim. I suspect that other secondary markets have them as well but cannot personally vouch for this. It is particularly convenient when you are attending one of the auctions at these secondary markets to grab the advent gift while you are there. I love how considerate / thoughtful Callie, Equinox and all the KittyCatS team are of their community. They are more interested in sharing the gift than driving traffic to their particular sim; always thinking about what is best / most convenient for the community.

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