KittyCats & Friends Advent Calendar, Day 10

Do you leave cookies out for Santa or the Magical Present-Delivery-Person-of-Choice? Today’s gift in the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar is going to make you happy. Sanura Snowpaw of  .: Somnia :. is gonna make that easy for you with this sweet choice of tables with linens for your treat-giving pleasure. Dark wood, light wood, red or green linens with a cute little frame to add your own photo and a separate teddy bear so you can save on prims or keep the teddy bear out later. .: Somnia :. offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories to suit just about every taste, all hand made by Sanura herself.


Get the cookies and leave the bear for your … overnight visitor. Get it all at the  KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar today!


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