Raspberries in the Snow

Raspberries in the Snow

“The merry year is born like the bright berry from the naked thorn.” ~ Hartley Coleridge

Raspberries in the Snow

Everyone seems to dress in dismal colors during the winter, reinforcing the gray tones of the sky and the ground. I prefer to make colors pop for the winter, starting with these brilliant jeans from TeamRedgrave. Ingeniously, they have made a mesh piece that can be rezzed to color as you please (I chose this raspberry) using the SL color tinter—no scripts, no worries. Just rez a pair and color them up. I have tried the jeans on a much more voluptuous avatar and an skinny short one and always, they fit like a perfectly and have the great butt you see here. Seeing is believing.

Raspberries in the Snow

This beautiful hand-drawn skin popped up for sale at Egoisme this weekend, and so I had to dash to try it on. Ramses Meredith has put together a package of skins with make-ups, skin tone tinter (called Vividtone), shape, and even elven ears that will give you a complete package from one purchase. I layered the available eye makeup with a lipstick (raspberry of course) from Mocksoup Graves to create this look.

My hair, from Truth Hawks, comes entwined with this gorgeous scarf that includes a color-changing hud for 12 different looks. This look all started from this scarf, which popped when I changed it to raspberry, and filled my winter with color.

Raspberries in the Snow

January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow. ~ Sara Coleridge

Hair: >TRUTH< Winter w/Roots – chocolate by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: SOPHIA  Tan/Hair (Breast 1) with Evian Sophia Makeups –  Eyes Contour Silver by Ramses Meredith for Egoisme *

Makeup: M.O.C.K Cosmetics Raspberry Jam Lipstain (Lipcolor only) by Mocksoup Graves for [mock cosmetics]*

Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Storm (ML) by Ikon Innovia for  IKON *

Jacket: Baiastice_Short Fur Coat-onyx by Sissy Pessoa for Baiastice

Pants: Tintable Jeans LQM (Highheels) – REDGRAVE by TeamRedgrave for Redgrave

Nails: Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_PinkPlain by Jin Elfan for Leverocci

Boots: “anuenue. Patchwork knit boots by Marea Kirax for “anuenue.


2 thoughts on “Raspberries in the Snow

  1. Harper in your recent blog Summer! https://slfashionpassion.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/summer/ you said – “Where I am the end of the holiday season means the seemingly endless three to four months of winter that slowly drag their way to spring. However, on the direct opposite of the world (let’s just pretend it’s Australia), they are knee deep in summer. The temps are warm, the day is long, and the flowers are abloom.” and yes, that is how it usually is here in Australia, provided one replaces warm with hot and we love it.

    However at present it is different, very different with almost half of the populated area of the East Coast ablaze with bushfires.

    In Tasmania sixty thousand hectares, some 150,000 acres, have already been burned in three separate fires and Tasmania’s Chief Fire Officer said yesterday “We can’t give a figure on when we are going to be able to contain these fires”.

    In New South Wales over ninety bushfires were burning out of control on Monday (yesterday) across the entire State. Every National Park in New South Wales is closed and as I type this today, Tuesday, has been oficially described as being the “worst fire danger day in history, with severe, extreme and catastrophic conditions.”

    The situation is Victoria is the same.

    I personally am fortunately in no danger of loss of property, however many Australians have or will lose their homes and in rural areas their livelihoods to the fires.

    I would ask your readers to take a moment and spare a thought for all those affected by these fires.

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