What Barely’s Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

Barely has learned Gyazo, which is a blessing for him. Now he can send me 20 looks and go, “What do you think?” without breaking the bank. It’s a good thing too because Barely is a shopper of major proportions. I think he keeps the Linden economy going single-handedly some days. Today he couldn’t wait to show me this awesome jacket from Nazaire Resident and the shoes, which he had picked up on a shopping trip with me to Morphine Janick’s new little place. We both agreed that Amesha Jewell’s male skins were the unsung skins of the men’s world—doesn’t that look great on him? And Ikon Innovia’s eyes and a fedora and hair combo, specialty of Rika Oyen, completed the look.

What Barely's Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

Hat/Hair – ARGRACE – rika Oyen – Straw Fedora/Crosby in Mocha

Skin – Heartsick – Amesha Jewell – Idira in Tone 4

Eyes – Ikon – Ikon Innovia – Eternal Eyes in Pewter

Jacket/Shirt – Entente – Nazaire Resident – Gaston Jacket & Shirt

Pants – Motivation – Illeana Magic – Formal Male Pants in Grey Pinstripe

Shoes – Monso – Morphine Janick – My Leather Oxfords

5 thoughts on “What Barely’s Wearing Today

  1. My comment is not related to Mr Texan it is about what I believe to be very extremely important issue and that is the apparent way in which Ms Beresford you have tossed poor Mr Blunt Beaumont aside.

    We have heard nothing of Mr Blunt Beaumont for weeks. I stumbled upon Mr Beaumont yesterday and he was in a very bad way, suffering symptoms of rejection, homeless, forced to take shelter in a cardboard box, which with direct delivery on Marketplace are becoming increasingly rare and not without any income. It was a pathetic sight the once proud Blunt Beaumont a broken and forgotten man.

    I for one believe the community needs to help those like Mr Blunt Beaumont and I am doing the initial work to organize a Fund-Raising Appeal which shall be called the “Blunt Benefit” to assist Blunt Beaumont fund Premium Membership so he has a roof over his head and for legal expenses in perusing legal action against yourself and A Passion for Virtual Fashion.

    Any of your readers are welcome to send donations of money and clothing (mesh only, standard size M from the high end content creators please) directly to myself and I shall personally ensure it is put to good use.

    • The problem was Blunt wasn’t being cooperative. He won’t spend the kinda bux Texan will drop AND he’s got a diva sort of attitude. “No I will not move my prims. Work around it!” I just couldn’t deal. Barely is much more pliable and charming and he has a very unique look and appreciation for the fashions of today.

      Don’t fund raise for Blunt. He’s a sinkhole.

      When Blunt can improve his ‘tude, we’ll talk again ;)

      • I would just lie to say that even though I have replaced Mr Blunt Beaumont, I do have sympathy for his plight. So, if he will contact me, I will be more than happy to allow him to work for food by doing menial tasks around my palatial homestead. I recognize the “little people” can only regain their self-respect through rewarding labor and ample discipline in the name of a good cause. I would never give Mr Beaumont more lashes than he deserved, for instance. And he’ll always be welcome to our table scraps after the dog has had his pick.

        I just want the world to know I do care.


    • Dear Mr. Rory Serpente,

      I appreciate the concern and the vigor with which you seek to engage Ms. Beresford and the Passion for Virtual Fashion Blog on my behalf. It is a foreign sensation to me as no one has ever expressed a concern about me at all, until Mr. Barely and his generous dogs allowed me brief respite. It is true that my box has lost nearly half of its value. Even with the improvements such as that window I tore into the side of it with a blunt and rusty pocket knife and the gazebo I made from discarded tinker toys, I am still quite underwater.

      You described me as being a pathetic sight and to that I would like to thank you also. I had no idea I looked that well. I guess I am still wearing the skin from Reishiprophet, the only thing of value I can don. I have taken to wearing the freebie greasy men’s biker hair as a sort of penance.

      I would welcome any assistance, public or otherwise (wink wink), that would improve my financial condition. Mesh is indeed my preference as it is easier on the digestion when prepared and properly tenderized.
      They say a man is not poor that has friends. And since I don’t have any I am very poor indeed. So very very poor.

      Quite destitutedly,
      Blunt Beaumont
      Former supermodel and blogger

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