Interview with Blunt

Interview with Blunt

After a spirited exchange in comments on one of Barely Texan’s last blog entries regarding the disappearance of former model and blogger, Blunt Beaumont, I decided to bring Blunt in to talk about why he has fallen off the radar and I am giving him the opportunity to redeem himself.

Interview with Blunt

However, before we have Blunt join us, let’s talk about me. Me. What I am wearing because really, isn’t that why you’re here? Start with this luscious snakeskin dress form AvaGardner Kungler. With a sensuous curvy sheath and a sexy snakeskin texture, this mesh dress is perfect for grilling wayward models and bloggers. Paired with a darling Valentine’s Day jewelry set from Tosy Xue and the web-enhanced skin matching shoes from Nuria Augapfel and Claire Messenger, this look pops with additions of red from toes to lips. My skin is Tricky Boucher’s red lipped, red-haired beautiful Ava.

Interview with Blunt

Harper: And here is Blunt Beaumont, former male model for A Passion for Virtual Fashion. Blunt, it looks like you are wearing… sweatpants and deck shoes. And what happened to your hair?

Blunt: (reaching up to touch his hair as if he forgot it was there) Oh, uh, I let it grow out and finally went into the library to find hair. You know how hard it is for men to find decent hair in SL?

Interview with Blunt

Harper: So let’s get down to it, Blunt. Why is it that you are not working with me anymore? I want to hear this in your own words.

Blunt: Well, Harper.. I have given this a great deal of thought… I have decided to come clean and tell you and your many followers the whole truth about why I left you…

Harper: Yes?

Blunt: I am in love. I am in hopeless irretrievably in love and tragically so….

Harper: (speechless, for once)

Blunt: For you see, Harper.. I can never be with the person that has consumed me so. Perhaps you express surprise at this point.. confessing that you never knew…

Harper: (nodding silently, totally astonished)

Blunt: Well, Harper, you wouldn’t know. You and I have grown close over these many many blog entries and it is that closeness with others that tends to blind us to the obvious….

Harper: (gulping)

Blunt: The one I love is brilliant, naturally. Proud and strong. A woman of great dignity and character. With red hair… beautiful eyes…  Vivacious, brilliant, creative, educated, sexy…. She is everything I never knew I wanted.…

Harper: (patting her red hair self-consciously and blushing) Oh my….

Interview with Blunt

Blunt: (taking Harper’s hand and looking into her eyes) Please, Harper.. I must get this out…. I think you know who I am in love with….

Harper: Blunt.. no… don’t say it…

Blunt: Harper, I MUST! I’ll never be this brave or bold again…  My love makes me want to be a better man.. or at least shower and dress better.

Harper: (squeezing Blunt’s hand, reconsidering his sweat pants and nappy hair, considering if she could possibly ever find a place for him in her life, wondering how she could get him over to Dura for new hair.) Yes….?

Interview with Blunt

Blunt: It’s Julia Eileen Gillard, 27th and current Prime Minister of Australia and the Leader of the Australian Labor Party. (Sighs with relief.)

Harper: (blanching and pulling her hand back in sudden realization) And.. and where did you meet, Julia Eileen Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia?

Blunt: Well, I haven’t met her yet, but I sure have tried. But you know, they have a LOT of security at the G20. And her partner is quite a strong man for a hairdresser. That’s why my… (indicates his head) .. hair is like this.

Harper: (nodding, stunned, bewildered) Yes… ok. Well I think we should wrap this up. I think I know too much.

Interview with Blunt

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Alicia Mesh Hair – Cinnamon by MissAllSunday Lemon for Wasabi Pills *

Skin: -Belleza- Ava Sk Red 3 by Tricky Boucher for -Belleza- *

Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes – Dark Brown (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: (Kunglers) Ariana dress – S- marble by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers *

Jewelry: +:+WTG+:+ **Hot Heart** long necklace and ear-pierce by Tosy Xue for +:+WTG+:+ *

Shoes: N-core DIVA “Fatpack” by Nuria Augapfel and Claire Messenger for N-Core *

Bookshelf: Trompe Loeil – Swept Bookshelf Dark Wood by Cory Edo for Trompe Loeil, available at Collabor88 *

Chairs: [HANDverk]Shell and [HANDverk]Shell by Tobais Convair for[HANDverk] *

Poses by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations

Thanks, Badger, for the input!


6 thoughts on “Interview with Blunt

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  2. Insert unnecessary comment here about Kyle Sandilands’
    [ ] declaration of undying love for Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, then sit back and wait for reaction from USA resident blog readers, particularly Democrats.

    @ Harper Ganesvoort did you do any research on Julia Gillard; the Australian Labor Party or Timothy (Tim) Mathieson
    [ ] before deciding this blog post was so funny it had you ROLF’ing ?

  3. That was cute! And with perfect romance-novel execution! It made me smile. Great pics too! I wouldn’t worry about the interview being taken seriously. If guys start flocking to the Library for “decent hair”, I’d be shocked… :D

  4. Oh Blunt, you don’t want that Australian lady, even if she has proper red hair. What you need is an SL redhead…one who will take you to Dura, or Truth, or wherever to get you out of that hair. And the outfit! How the might have fallen. You were once The Natural, the blood of warriors and champions rand in your veins….and now look at you.

    You need a redhead who can bring you back from the precipice of whatever precipice you are on. To take you out of that cardboard box and take you home, or get you a premium account and whip you into shape. Redheads always have whips because we demand worship for our greatness. You have been worshiping at your nearest SL redhead right? Which would be Harper right next to you. Failure to worship SL redheads is punishable according to the Rules, cooperation will be quickly rewarded by the privilege of being allowed to buy us stuff.

    You need a redhead of great puissance and glamour, who wears red lipstick and pretty dresses that reach her knees that I will have to buy, as well as the hair and jewelry. Come to think of it I bought the dress Harper was wearing in the Natural post as well.

    That redhead should be me, of course. I am immune to your male charms so you couldn’t slack off while I whipped you into shape. Harper on the other hand isn’t resistant to your charms, and she is a lovely redhead more suitable for your desires than that Australian who probably has an IPR alt in Zindra for all I know.

    You didn’t even compliment her once on her outfit, which is stylish, classy and sexy. Not complimenting redheads is against the Rules. The Natural would know this.

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