Head Over Heels

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The shoes are off today. It’s all about my … head.


I promised a peek at the new Sadie from LOGO, and today I can do it! The Sadie packs the same great fun as the previous mesh release from LOGO—Chloe–that I explained in my November post. But Maximillion Grant has completely redone the scripting and manner in which he serves it up to better meet the needs of his customers. So what’s new.

Well, first, Sadie has a different face than Chloe, fuller with a wider nose and more widely spread eyes. But the differences go beyond the looks.


First Max has made the HUD have drop out menus for applying makeups so you are not filling your whole screen with the hud. You can pick and choose the elements you want to open at will by clicking on the left bar. You want to mess with only lipstick and blush? Click them open and leave the rest where they are.

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Second, Max has radically altered how the expressions work. Before, you were able to click on an expression and your entire face changed to that expression. You can still do that by clicking on the nose of the expression.

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But now you can also pick and choose elements to mix and match. Want a sad smile with surprised eyes? Click the sad lips and the surprised eyes and you can mix and match them to make your own expressions.


Also new? Max has made it easier to add in purchased elements. Want a greater choice of eyes? Purchase the eyes and simply drop the script in the hud. Click on the gray arrow left or right and you can scroll to that new set. This way you are not wearing a new hud and it’s ridiculously easy to store the new features into your hud without wearing a new hud. This makes adding new makeups REALLY easy–ridiculously so. You just drop the add-on script in your hud and you’re done–no other HUDs, no textures. Super duper low lag.

Finally, Max added some new things to the original Chloe which he has brought to Sadie, including hair bases and glossy lips. Overall there are total there are 96 available lipsticks, 32 eyeshadows and 12 blushes with add-ons available.

For the cost, you have purchased more than a fat pack of skins with this mesh head. You get the infinite variety of looks that would take bazillions of skins and makeup layers to achieve. You get the quick rez of the textures on the mesh as you switch around. And you get a beautiful face. What more could a girl want?

Below a bunch of looks I made while playing and PLEASE don’t ask for hair references because stupid me, I forgot to do them.








Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Cerise” Blonde 5 by Kuranosuke Kamachi for =DeLa*=

Mesh Head: LOGO Sadie Mesh Head Bloom by Maximillion Grant for LOGO *

Skin: LOGO Infinity Sadie Base Skin Bloom – Style 1 by Maximillion Grant for LOGO (comes with the mesh head) *

Top: ZC : Xacuti bikini top *lilac-turquoise* by Zaara Kohime for Zaara

Jeans: [monso] My Overall – Light Blue by Morphine Janick for :::::: monso ::::::

Pose prop by Katey Coppola for Glitterati *

2 thoughts on “Head Over Heels

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  2. And with no trace of hesitation she keeps going
    Head over heels
    Breaking her way
    Pushing through unknown jungles every day
    She’s a girl with a taste for the world
    (The world is like a playing-ground where she goes rushing)
    Head over heels
    Setting the pace
    Running the gauntlet in a whirl of lace
    She’s extreme, if you know what I mean

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