I have never reblogged so we’ll see how this goes but Harper outdoes herself every year with her Oscar photo contest and this year’s winners are amazing!

Around the Grid

It’s always easy to judge my annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — at least for the first two cuts, at the most.  After that, the cream is definitely rising to the top of that year’s pool, and I have to start looking really hard, and at times going with a gut decision on what worked and what didn’t.  As the knowledge of the contest starts circulating around the Grid (no pun intended here with the title of my blog), more and more really good photographers/models start submitting photos to the Flickr and Koinup groups, or contacting me with link submissions.  It always makes for an interesting few days following the submission deadline (at the end of the Academy Awards in RL) as I work through the offerings of people whose work I come to respect and admire.  Additionally, I normally plan out extra time to work on this, just in…

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