She slinked through my door wearing a dress that looked like it had been painted on … not with good paint, like Behr or Sherwin-Williams, but with that watered-down stuff that bubbles up right away if you don’t prime the surface before you slap it on, and – just like that cheap paint – the dress needed two more coats to cover her. — Sue Fondrie, Appleton, WI, Winner in the Crime category 2012 for the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest


First thing I want to say quite strongly is that the above quote is not how I think of this dress from Moonbubble Gothly. Not at all! But I think it’s a hilarious quote and wanted to share the Bulwer Lytton contest on this blog. That being said, the reason this dress is NOT like bad paint is because of its rich textures and great shape. A little strap off the shoulder, a peek-a-boo decolletage, a short-but–not–too-short hem line with a loose and easy feel and you have the recipe for sexy.

Also sexy are my shoes from Syntella Rhapsody. I know everyone is talking about the new Gos—ok ok. I will be too. But today focus on the little person, the new designer, which is what Syntella is. These beauties come with a hud for color change on the leather straps as well as the heel and they are reasonably priced.


I am still working my way through Tricky Boucher’s latest skins, all of them beautiful. This is a perfect look for a redhead with the teal makeup and neutral lip. My short little haircut, a perfect likeness of Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut, is M4ri1yn Magic’s latest offering at Collabor88. A lot of people ask where short mesh ‘dos can be found and there simply aren’t a lot out there. I think M4ri1yn has filled a big need.


“’Your eyes are like deep blue pools that I would like to drown in,’ he had told Kimberly when she had asked him what he was thinking, but what he was actually thinking was that sometimes when he recharges his phone he forgets to put the little plug back in but he wasn’t going to tell her that.” –Dan Leyde, Edmonds, WA, Runner-Up in the Romance category 2012 for the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Hathaway hair – Red 4 by M4ri1yn Magic for Tableau Vivant  *

Skin: -Belleza- Amy Sk BBB 2 (Red) by Tricky Boucher for-Belleza- *

Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Machine (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: [ bubble ] Teal Nuit Dress by Moonbubble Gothly for [bubble], available at Whore Couture *

Nails: [PM]Pixel Mode – Diamond Edt. Mesh Nails : Regular by Tya Fallingbridge for Pixel Mode *

Jewelry: MG – Earrings and Necklace – Copacetic Tallulah by Maxi Gossamer for Maxi Gossamer, available at Collabor88 *

Shoes: 7E Summer *Vivid* by Syntella Rhapsody for Seven Exits *

Poses: Alex collection by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations, available at Collabor88 *


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