Horse Love

Horse Love

A [wo]man in passion rides a horse that runs away with [her]. ~ Thomas Fuller

Horse Love

I am not a horse girl; I admit it. But I can appreciate something beautiful, and Tyrian Slade is bringing beautiful to SL in a few days. With the release of her mesh horse avatar on April 5, you will get to experience SL in a whole new way—as a horse. Shenlei Flasheart, who has been developing accessories for her horses, invited me over for a ride, and as you can see, it’s an incredible experience.

Horse Love

The horse come with 3 head options, 3 body options and 3 leg options. Additionally you get 4 base skins, 4 body markings, 4 leg markings, and 4 face markings. Tyrian includes an AO with the horse, of course, that allows it to walk, trot, canter or gallop. The HUD also includes 16 animations. Additionally, you can tint the horse whatever color you like (blue, purple, puce if you like but who would like that?). Without the tinting, you could possibly have 442,000 versions of the horse as it is (based on being able to swap out different sides of the horse). No, you won’t look like every other horse on the block.

Horse Love

The best thing is the horse is rideable so if you want to wear your horse avatar and give someone a ride, you can carry them all over. OR they can drive your avatar. I was Shenlei’s passenger and enjoyed shooting photos while she galloped and jumped all over the Water Horse sim. Later Tyrian allowed me to drive her and the controls were so intuitive I didn’t have to ask her how to operate them. Double up arrow to speed up, page up to jump, etc.—all the stuff we do in SL already with our avatars.

Horse Love

A static horse is one thing to see. However, when you see the horse “live,” you can nearly smell it. Tyrian has included in the AO all sorts of details of horse behavior including the body-length shiver that runs through a horse at times or the nodding that a horse can do. I was absolutely fascinated just watching the horses. Tyrian has also developed Western and English riding AOs, sold separately, for using in riding and dressage. (My photos show me with the English dressage.)

Horse Love

The textures on the horse are marvelous. They were created by Ladyjess Przhevalsky, who has been doing horse textures in SL for years. Ladyjess is currently developing more textures for the horses to be sold as add-ons, and Tyrian showed me a few that were just lovely. Additionally, Tyrian will be including a development pack with the horse, similar to those with Lolas and other mesh content, where you can make your OWN skin to use personally or sell.

Tyrian has put the first ten horses up for auction at her place on the Water Horse sim. If you want to get the horse 24 hours ahead of everyone else, complete with all the goodies, tp in and bid big. (Read more here.) Or wait til they are released on April 5. With a price tag of 2899L, the horse avatar is a bargain for the kind of fun and creativity it will provide in SL.

Tyrian provides a bareback rideable horse, but there is so much more you can do. Shenlei Flasheart has made over 650 pieces for the horses to “dress it up” including tack (saddles and such). Shenlei showed me the German armor for a war horse…

Horse Love

… and a gorgeous Arabian set. She also showed me a flowered fairy set, which has flowers adorning all the tack, and a bejeweled set for a royal princess. There is a whole subset of folks in SL who love to dress up their horses, and Shenlei provides all the accessories for making your little pony dreams come true.

Horse Love

If you have the eensiest bit of horse love in your soul, this is a wonderful way to indulge it without the feed, boarding and maintenance of a real horse.

Horse Love

I sit astride life like a bad rider on a horse. I only owe it to the horse’s good nature that I am not thrown off at this very moment. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

Horse talk:

Horse: ~* Water Horse* by Tyrian Slade for ~* Water Horse*~, available April 5 (Auction for prerelease horses here.)

Horse accessories by Shenlei Flasheart for Carriage Trade or on Marketplace

On Harper:

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lily Mesh Hair – Rouge by MissAllSunday Lemon for Wasabi Pills *

Skin: -Glam Affair – Zara – Jamaica 02 RED by Aida Ewing for Glam Affair, available at Skin Fair (open until March 31!) *

Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes – Bone (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON, available at The Boutique *

Top: {Happy} Confidence Blouse (White) by Alika Luminos for {Happy}

Jodhpurs: !HI! Jodhpurs (charcoal) by Erin Talamasca for Hoof It!

Necklace: MTP Ladies Lucky Heart Necklace by Jon Ree for Mustang Trading Post

Boots: !!! Tribe !!! Ascot Boot – Taupe/Tan by Driftwood Miles for Tribe Wear *

One last note: Happy birthday to my RL dad, who is in SL as well. Keep playing like you’re 29 and we won’t have to put you out to pasture!

3 thoughts on “Horse Love

  1. That is one impressive horse! So much work has gone into this and the results are just awesome. Well done Tyrian. I have no doubts it will be a huge success.
    Love the post and pics as always Lady Beresford.

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