A Story Book Life

A Story Book Life

One of the best parts of being in SL is being able to disappear into a fantasy and experience it in a 3D fashion, made by residents for people to enjoy. Aaliyahblossom Resident and her RL and SL partner, VonDutch Sweetwater, have created a sim, The Noble Storybook, devoted to the stories of Beatrix Potter. She was inspired by the Peter Cottontail stories she read to her son and wanted to know more about the author, and in learning about Beatrix Potter, she discovered a whole world she wanted to reproduce in SL.

A Story Book Life

In creating the sim, Aaliyah wanted to emphasize that all the content used on the sim was purchased and used as is. Though she would be able to create new content, she wanted to show people that mesh content as sold in SL could make beautiful places, that fantasy is at our fingertips.

A Story Book Life

The sim is absolutely lovely and relaxing with a bay surrounded by high cliffs complete with sand dunes and a rolicking club house where they will have music, poetry readings and other events. (Please note the clubhouse is made from Cory Edo’s Treehouse from the recent Collabor88. Decorated, it is a gorgeous place.) Paths from Alex Bader lead to secret gardens and a trickling stream that goes back to the ocean with a small waterfall. Stairs lead down to the beach and a grazing area is tucked away complete with a small hothouse and scarecrow. The entire sim includes whimsy and wonder without being cutesy or twee.

A Story Book Life

Potter’s childhood home, which is a Van Auster prefab, is beautifully rendered with artwork taken from her books and even a small children’s room in the upper space. Around the corner from the home is a children’s play area with puppet show, teepee, dock for idle fishing and tea set. A picnic table for the family looks out over the water. It describes the idyllic childhood Potter enjoyed, which inspired her writing.

A Story Book Life

The magic is in the proportions of the sim. Nothing seems outlandish or out of place. In a world where doorknobs can end up forehead high and breasts can be the size of buffalo heads, everything at The Noble Storybook fits. Navigation of the sim is easy and views are breathtaking. Aaliyah and her husband put a lot of time and effort into researching Potter’s life, finding inspiration in Potter’s enjoyment of natural beauty, her endeavor to preserve land for its inhabitants, and her love of children.

A Story Book Life

The sim welcomes photographers, bloggers, and anyone wishing to find a lovely place to roam. They ask no nudity, please. This is PG only. It opens today for you to wander and enjoy. Aaliyah and VonDutch will keep the sim open as long as they find it manageable and enjoyable and then they will take it down to work on their next project.

A Story Book Life

“I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense.” ~ Beatrix Potter

Shots taken at The Noble Storybook on the  Isle of Myrth sim. Built by Aaliyahblossom Resident and VonDutch Sweetwater.

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