Kirk’s Women

Kirk's Women

“Worlds may change, galaxies disintegrate, but a woman always remains a woman.” ~ Kirk, “The Conscience of the King”, stardate 2818.9

Kirk's Women

Remember the original Star Trek? The one with the polyester uniforms and the captain with the almost-pompadour and the stick thin guy with the wicked ears? It seemed like every other week they were on some planet with female aliens out to seduce them or wreck them or capture them. They were all babes, be they green or glittering or glowing. Many argue it was sexism, but one could say that Kirk was just employing his manly wiles to get his crew through some tough situations. The tension was sometimes enough to move a 20 million meteorite into hyperspace.

I have elected to dress myself as Harperina, from the planet uh.. Zeeboid. And Kirk has invaded my planet, seeking fashion advice for his crew. First I would lead him to this stylish new dress from SamanthaBJones, a mesh mini with an Asian touch in the mandarin collar and raw silk texture. Then I would show him how Tawny Mirror’s amazing mesh thigh-high boots (with color change HUD, though I stuck with black) with their gravity soles keep me from floating off into the ether.

Kirk's Women

On Zeeboid, the women’s hair all has this curious tint, colors running into others as an ombre pattern. Of course, Queue Marlowe has put her finger on it with this gorgeous hair she has donated for Fantasy Faire. With artful and otherworldly curls, the style is perfect for an alien seductress. My skin, one of Tricky Boucher’s best bargains with its full luscious lips and deeply lined eyes, makes this look arresting, as the women in the shows were. Ikon Innovia’s Kaleido eyes hint at a potentially cyborg soul. And Tiffy Vella’s new mesh jewelry—her first—decorates me extraterrestrially with a royal flavor.

Kirk's Women

“Oh, that sound of male ego. You travel halfway across the galaxy and it’s still the same song.” ~ Eve McHuron, “Mudd’s Women”, stardate 1330.1

Hair: Scene motive by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog, available at Fantasy Faire *

Skin: -Belleza- Mya Med BBB 2 with -Belleza- Mya Med Lips 1 by Tricky Boucher for-Belleza- *

Eyes: IKON Kaleido Eyes – Ancient (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: [LIV Glam] Boutique-Spring 2013-Rose – Asian Dress by SamanthaSJones for LIV-Glam *

Jewelry: Eclectica ‘Solaria’ Necklace in Fuscia&Gold and Eclectica ‘Solaria’ ring in Fuscia&Gold-right by Tiffy Vella for Eclectica *

Nails: [PM]Pixel Mode – Diamond Edt. Mesh Nails : Regular by Tya Fallingbridge for Pixel Mode *

Boots: [DD] High Elegance by Tawny Mirror and Gina Lurra for Domina’s Duo *

Poses by Tutys for Tutys

7 thoughts on “Kirk’s Women

  1. Doctor Bashir: “Wait a minute, aren’t you two wearing the wrong color?”
    Chief O’Brien: “Don’t you know anything about this period in time?”
    Bashir: “I’m a doctor, not an historian!”
    Sisko: “In the old days, operations officers wore red, command officers wore gold…”
    Lt. Dax (offscreen): “…and women wore less.”

    The guys turn, and Dax is there in a 23-C Starfleet miniskirt uniform, doing modeling twists. You can hear eyebrows crank up and jaws crank down…

    Bashir: “I think I’m going to like history.”

    Star Trek: Deep Space 9, “Trials and Tribble-ations”

    • There is general belief that Harper B. has tested out at approximately 600-700 millisheldons. (One sheldon is equivalent to an amount of nerdiness that can be supported only at any one singularity point on a planet; this is currently in existence at a university in Pasadena, California.)

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