All the Newness That’s Fit to Blog

All the Newness That's Fit to Print

“For fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” ~ Alexander Pope

All the Newness That's Fit to Print

I generally hate rushing to press and by the time this posts, I will be late already. That’s the trouble with the internet—obsolescence is fast and furious or else no one has heard about it and it won’t hit people’s awareness for days. Then I will hear over and over, “Did you see the new ____?” and I will say, I blogged it days ago. I can never hit that sweet spot. I thought about making “All the Newness That’s Fit to Blog” my tagline but can I make it in time?

Today I am blogging Erratic Rain’s new dress for FaMESHed. With a chic style of a black T between two colored panels, it’s a minimalist’s dream. I love the new things Erratic is doing with mesh. FaMESHed is celebrating a birthday with a ridiculous number of mesh new and exclusive items for sale, so you must go.

All the Newness That's Fit to Print

Then we have Gospel Voom’s new Ursula shoes. He told me about these two days ago and I put them on immediately. I had a couple other things to blog and somewhere in there I had to fit in eating and sleeping and honestly? I wanted to keep them on! How much faster do I need to be? Well with these beauties, I really should have been faster because the shape is gorgeous and you, my dear readers, need to know about them. If you get the Classic set, you get the whole collection of colors to mix and match across the heel, inner and straps. Gos said he spent quite a lot of time on the shape and even more important, the texture. With this shapely look, I feel the like chicest woman on the grid.

All the Newness That's Fit to Print

Tricky Boucher still has his Best Buy skins out, this being one of them. If you like the cat eyes, the luscious lips and the gorgeous tones of Mya, this is your chance to get them at an inexpensive price. Do it this weekend because after that, you can’t get them at that price.

Ikon Innovia has come out with a new line of eyes. The Vanity set has the perfect name for a woman like me and with a set of gorgeous colors and a new reflection and smaller iris, the eyes are welcome.

Finally, I show another style using Kavar Cleanslate’s new HUD system, this being the style he is selling at FaMESHed. I love the style with its full silhouette. Kavar has been rocking mesh since he first started.

All the Newness That's Fit to Print

Appreciate me now, and avoid the rush.” ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

Hair: Exile::Independent Women Dark Reds by Kavar Cleanslate for ::Exile::, available at FaMESHed *

Skin: -Belleza- Mya SK BBB R 2 by Tricky Boucher for-Belleza- *

Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes – Glass (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON

Dress: erratic / stacey – panel dress / cyan by Erratic Rain for erratic, available at FaMESHed *

Nails: [PM]Pixel Mode – Diamond Edt. Mesh Nails : Regular by Tya Fallingbridge for Pixel Mode *

Shoes: [Gos] Ursula Wedge – Classic Collection by Gospel Voom for Gos Boutique *

Poses by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations *


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