by Tutsy Navarathna

“Narcissus so himself himself forsook,
And died to kiss his shadow in the brook.” ~ William Shakespeare


The story of Narcissus from Greek mythology is the core word of the illness of narcissism, one where a person can only think of themselves and regard themselves as perfect. In the Ovid’s version of the story, Narcissus rejects the love of the mountain nymph, Echo, and Nemesis, the goddess of revenge decides to punish him. So she lures him to a pool where he saw his own reflection. He falls in love with the one he sees, not realizing at first it is himself.

Tutsy Navarathna took a clever turn with this tale for his latest machinima. An entry in the latest University of Western Australia Machinima Challenge, his film addresses the theme of “Reflections.” Tutsy literally brought a reflection to bear in this film.

I loved the machinima, especially the one that was narrated in French by Tutsy himself and has English subtitles. (See above.) Tutsy Navarathna hails from Paris but currently makes his home in India. Some of his voiceovers come from friends in India. He also involved many friends in the production of the film, including Iono Allen and Alpha Auer. That is what makes this machinima and the competition itself so exciting—the collaboration of artists from all over the planet.


In watching the film, I thought about our own gaze at our avatar, the pride and “love” we have for this figure we have made. How many of us cling to our “selves,” carefully adorning it, protecting our “image” and self. It’s a film that echoes with many layers as we watch, being more than just a literal “reflection” but also a reflection on our selves.


Being the person who does a fashion blog, I asked Tutsy about the fashions he used to make Narcissus, of course. And Tutsy agreed to be the model for this blog. So you get the machinima AND a backstage look at the star.

Tutsy made his own shape and on this long lean shape he piled layers and layers of tattoos and piercings to make his Narcissus contemporary and attractive. In the machinima, his Narcissus is brooding and solitary and almost singularly beautiful. And narcissistic.

You can read more about the competition and the latest entries at the UWA in SL blog here and see more of Tutsy’s work here, including his last three winning entries for their competitions.


“Narcissus does not fall in love with his reflection because it is beautiful, but because it is his. If it were his beauty that enthralled him, he would be set free in a few years by its fading.” ~ W.H. Auden

Hair: Burley Sofian Platinum by Bella Earst for Burley

Skin: Angelicus Raphael+ fallen gods+ blessed by Alia Baroque for Fallen Gods

Makeup: VYC Eyeliner by iantonio Viper for VyC and Fruk manly lip gloss by Chucky Hollak for Fruk

Eyes: Blue grey eyes gaslight Emporium by Vincente Shepherd for Gaslights Emporium

Collar: Tableau vivant minos collar by M4ri1yn Magic for Tableau Vivant

Tattoo: Vestigium- cyber tattoo by Lu Scorpio for Vestigium

Ear: Ear steking ears Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel for Mandala

Gloves: Tableau vivant , Minos gloves by M4ri1yn Magic for Tableau Vivant

Belt: Mandala kookai belt silver by Kikunosuke Eel for Mandala

Pants: avid Byron: pants by Darwin Miszer for Avid

Feet: Hoorenbeek Allen by Ansor Hoorenbeek for Hoorenbeek


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