So You’re an Exhibitor! Congratulations!

I was asked to help out with SL10B. The SL10B Community Celebration is Second Life’s 10th anniversary resident-run gala celebration, and it happens from June 16 to June 29. Being a fashionista, what could I possibly know about building or sim management or handling massive data or.. well any of that? All I know how to do is match my shoes to my purse. This blog reminds exhibitors about the rules of building.


So you have been accepted to the SL10B as an Exhibit Builder! It’s a great honor and a lot of fun. The organizers asked me, Harper Beresford, resident fashionista and special guest star, to explain to you how to get started and some of the rules for building.

First, you got accepted. Congratulations. First hurdle is done! But how do you get in?

Exhibitor Assistants (heretofore known as “EA”s) are waiting breathlessly for your call. Join the SLB Community first.

slb community

Once you have joined, click the “Chat” button for the group.

SLB Community chat

Type right in that group (yes, you are allowed to talk), “Hi! I am an exhibitor! Can I  please have an EA to invite me to the group?”Wait a little bit. (You may or may not hear musak—we have no control over that.) It may take a while because it can get really busy and what they…

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