Harper Answers Your Mail—Exhibitor Questions

Still blogging for SL10B. People are building like mad! Can’t wait to see what we end up with!


After the last blog entry I, Harper Beresford, resident fashionista and special guest star, received a slew of letters with questions from exhibitors. Let’s dive in.

Dear Harper,

Help! I am an exhibitor at the SL10B Birthday Celebration but I can’t do it all alone! I had registered 20 of my closest friends/alts to help me. How do I sneak them in?

Very Social in SL

Dear Social,

Wow! 20 friends! Longer than my friends’ list! We allow 4 additional friends/alts as building assistants. Once you have registered and put down your prim, you can go into SLB Exhibitor chat and ask for them to be added. Ask nicely and wait until an EA acknowledges you. Example:

  • “I am an exhibitor. Can you add my friends as building assistants?”

An EA will contact you. Give them the correct spellings of your friends names and tell your friends to accept group!

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2 thoughts on “Harper Answers Your Mail—Exhibitor Questions

  1. Dear Harper,

    I am an exhibitor at the SL10B Birthday Celebration however your reply to Multimedia Mogul has caused my partner in our SL10B exhibit and myself to have had the most dreadful argument and I refuse to talk to him and he is refusing to talk to me. We have been told this by friends as we aren’t talking to each other.

    The argument is over supplying cookies to the EA. We are non-US residents and cookie is not a word we use, we call them biscuits, and my exhibit partner believes after your blog EVERYONE will be giving chocolate chip cookies.

    On reflection I believe he may be correct, and so I want to go with his suggestion to offer something we traditionally have at tennis, strawberries and
    [16:09] Rory Serpente: cream.

    Our problem is a lack of strawberries, however I did notice a Strawberry commenting on that tooooo gorgeous gown of yours, I so want jogging shorts in that fabric.

    So could you be a total darling and put me in touch with the strawberry farmer person and it really isn’t a surprise that the berry farmer couldn’t understand the dress, it’s not the sort of thing one wears in the fields is it?

    yours Crispin

    ps Rocky I am so sorry, you were right and I was wrong.

    • Crispin:

      You are more than welcome to bribe the EAs with whatever delectable treat you may offer.

      As for “Strawberry,” the note came unsigned with no last name so I can not put you in touch with her/him. I do know, however, that she has to be jealous of this dress. Who wouldn’t be?


      PS Rocky, he was wrong and you were right.

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