So You’re a Performer at SL10B! Congratulations!

Another blog from SL10B, showing the stages that have been built, which are amazing, and giving tips to performers about the policies.


A ton of performers have just received their letter of acceptance to perform at the SL10B celebrations. JustOneMore Loon, the man of pithy names, has asked me, Harper Beresford, resident fashionista and special guest star, to remind the performers of a few things because we do things a little differently at the celebration.

Let me point out, first of all, that there are four stages: Live, Lake, Cake, DJ. We will have simultaneous performances going on across all four stages at any one time with a slew of Stage Leads and Stage Managers helping performers get on and off the stage, watching the sim performance, and announcing performances in group notices and on the event boards. There will be over 300 performers coming and going at SL10B. This is not your mom’s corner dance hall. This is a huge celebration–the biggest ever on the grid. And you’ll be part…

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