What’s Your Evolution?

My SL Evolution--Harper Beresford

If you are living under a rock, you might have missed that the 10th Birthday for Second Life is coming up. A community of residents have organized to offer the biggest party on the grid for SL10B from June 16 to June 29. They have allowed me to sit in the corner a babble a bit about things there on their blog and generally harass the leads, Doc Gascoigne and KT Syakumi.


I know a few opportunities for you to participate if you aren’t already:

1. Dizzy Banjo is reviving his Message in a Bottle from SL5B. You will love contributing to this. Go to his blog to find out how you can participate. (I tried to do it last time and was a fail at the software. This time I will NOT blow it.)

2. If you are a blogger, there will be a Press Day on June 15 to see the sims ahead of time. Contact Gemma Cleanslate to be added to the SLB Press group. I highly recommend you send her a notecard with your name and blog so you can expedite getting added to the group.

press group

3. I am going to be building an exhibit around a Flickr group I opened a couple years ago about Your SL Evolution. Several great folks had responded in the group including Strawberry Singh, Marianne McCann, Cajsa Lilliehook, Harper Ganesvoort, Isla Gealach, and Chandni Khondji.

I will be taking select photos from that group and making a display at SL10B to talk about SL avatar evolution to match this year’s party theme of “Looking Forward, Looking Back.” If you want to add to the group, I will be looking at photos until June 4 and sending out requests to use. (Yes, a couple days only but I need to figure out how to make this thing, and my building partner has limited availability—and patience.)

My SL Evolution--Harper Beresford

4. That being said, in a few days I will be issuing a blogger challenge for all the great bloggers out there. I hate teasers like this but it needs its own blog entry.



3 thoughts on “What’s Your Evolution?

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  2. I most strongly object to your discriminatory and anti-rock-resident comments.

    I do live under a rock and have done so for several years as do many of my friends. It may surprise you to know not only are we all aware of SL10B, but we are an exhibitor – just look for the rocks.

    I believe you owe an apology to all under, over and on rock-dwelling SL residents.

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