My SL10B Newbie Makeover

The Challenge!

Remember Ruth? She was the mother of us all. And she leads off this challenge I am issuing for SL10B and SL’s Tenth Birthday.

The Challenge!

KT Syakumi, one of the co-leads of SL10B Community Celebration, asked me to sort out some of the library avatars she had found in a dusty archive. I couldn’t help but box them up, “advertise” their fine features and have a little fun. I realized they have the patina of “newbie” and they were the first things residents want to get rid of when they figured out they can look a lot better, so I wanted to make them seem more appealing.

My SL Newbie

These avatars will be offered as freebies for people to wear at SL10B when it opens June 16. (Yes, I know.. they are free already. Come on and laugh with us here.) We hoped people would grab them in nostalgia and enjoy their fine low-lag qualities.

The Challenge!

The Casual Girl was my first avatar. What was yours? And what did you do to make it look better right off? (I know I fluffed her hair out a bit, made her a bit bustier and lost the dreadful flip flops.) I thought she was hot stuff.

Newbie Harper

My challenge to the bloggers (and others) out there who want to take this on is to show us your first avatar and improve it. Show us what your first steps were AND show us how you could dress that avatar up today. Just make sure that your photos are Rated G. You can wait until the party opens on June 16 or you can drop me a notecard to ask for an avatar set. I am hoping we will see some creative mixes and enjoy some fun memories for this special birthday for Second Life.

And yes, I will do one too!

My SL Newbie

I set up a group for this in Flickr to consolidate them all called “My SL10B Newbie Makeover.” I am looking forward to some fun things and some fond remembrances of SL. Share your stories and laughs. Tell us what you thought the first time you saw your “self.”

You can see all the avatars I photo’d on my pages on Flickr under the set “SL10B Looking Back.” And of course, grab them for free at SL10B when it opens on June 16!

The Challenge!


9 thoughts on “My SL10B Newbie Makeover

  1. Reblogged this on Colleen Criss's Weblog and commented:
    Reblogging this from Harpers blog because I think it’s not only an awesome idea but also quite fun. I intend to pick one up at the celebration !

    I’m going to use the new LL Birthday Bear avatar as well! Happy 10th Anniversary to all of Second Life !

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