Gonna Ride My Bike Until I Get Home

Gonna Ride My Bike Until I Get Home

I run around town, around round the round with the pedal to the metal …. The pedal to whatever

~ “The Bike Song” by Mark Ronson & The Business Intl

Gonna Ride My Bike Until I Get Home

“Isn’t this taking the bike thing a bit too far?” ~ Stephen (upon seeing photos for this blog)

My friends ALL know that earlier this summer I got a new bike. People are sick to death of hearing about my biking, my trips, the trail near my house, the hazards of my town, the challenges of packing that blue basket with two cantaloupe, a carton of soy milk, a bundle of carrots, hamburger buns and three cans of tomato paste. They have heard repeatedly the story of my friend’s husband, a Federal judge, giving me crap about not having headlights on the bike for night riding. (I said, “Yes, Sir. I will get them tomorrow, Sir.” And I did!) And he never said a word about the half-drunk bottle of sangria in the basket. Go figure. They are tired of hearing about how I bike to the beer garden in the local park to get a Munich pretzel—no beer or mustard, thanks—to bring home to my kid.

My new bike is a coral Townie from Electra with a removable blue basket, just like the one this darling girl shows in her blog, dutchie love. (No, that’s not me. I am not nearly that cute, young or good at photography.) This is the reason I have not been blogging as much this summer:

I tried to replicate the joy of my bike in photos for this blog. I sort of did it. First of all, for biking, you never need to dress up: t-shirt, capris, tennies. I got my shirt from Sanura Snowpaw, who shows a keen sense of humor in the comic book expressions she put on crop tanks. THAWP! I paired it with some cute sweatpant capris from Dalriada Delwood and tennies from Kehl Razor.  My bike prop from Winter Thorn includes a wicker basket (and a bottle of white sangria). I have been known to haul flowers in my RL basket and once almost had a french bread fall out. The prop is true to form!

Gonna Ride My Bike Until I Get Home

Aida Ewing’s gacha skin for the Arcade suits this look with its minimal makeup and glowing blush.  My side swept long hair from MissAllSunday Lemon is an easy-going hair for riding a bike, having a picnic or shopping at the farmer’s market that she is featuring at FaMESHed.

Gonna Ride My Bike Until I Get Home

Bikes suffice they’re so nice like priceless
Working on my calves to triceps to biceps
Bypass the gas, stop the traffic lights
I get around round without a drivers license

I’m gonna ride my bike until I get home.
Gonna ride my bike until I get home.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Robin Mesh Hair – Cinnamon by MissAllSunday Lemon for Wasabi Pills, available at FaMESHed

Skin: -Glam Affair – Candy – America – 01 C by Aida Ewing for Glam Affair, available at The Arcade *

Eyes: [Crash Republic] Rebel Eyes – hazel by Isabelle Requiem for Crash Republic, available at SL Fashion Week *

Top: .: Somnia :. Comic Tank {THAWP!} by Sanura Snowpaw for .: Somnia :. *

Capris: FBD Capri Pants S Gothic grape by Dalriada Delwood for FireBird Designs

Shoes: Razor /// Strapped Cons  -Longer –  Black Plaid by Kehl Razor for Razorblade *

Bike: {what next} Summertime Bicycle Pose Prop by Winter Thorn for {what next}

Photographed at KittyCats

*Ring, Ring!*

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