Thanks to Kaseido, I am now on last.fm with my iTunes available for all the world to see. If you peek in, you might find me listening to David Bowie’s “Heroes” in Peter Gabriel’s voice (or any one of the other songs off his Gabriel’s new album, the playlist of which was directly lifted from my iTunes. Who the heck would have Bon Iver, Magnetic Fields and Elbow all in one place? I always knew I wanted to marry Peter Gabriel….)


While I enjoyed what last.fm threw at me, I doodled around with this blog. I had to get it just right to honor this super groovy outfit from Aurelia Scarpulla. With her mix of photosourcing and drawing, she creates an outfit that is once glam (especially with the silver gloves) but also easy with little muss and fuss. My favorite part is the bejeweled shoulder pad with the sequined tassels. Glam all over! (I would also like to mention here Aurelia’s excellent customer service. A duplicate purchase for me, due to an itchy trigger finger, turned into a quick and pleasant refund after a notecard from me.) I highly encourage you to check this designer’s work.


The skin is from Lion Jonesford, a somewhat older version that I bought in an extensive fatpack a month or two ago. (Yes, folks, I tried on 40 skins out of that pack before deciding this is what I want. How is that for dedication to you, my dear readers?) Lion is, hands down, the skin maker I visit when I want something more dramatic, with funky eye makeup or lips. She clearly revels in experimentation with makeups.


The best silver texture on the grid can be found on Babette Ultsch’s boots and shoes. I struggled with how to end this outfit—I wanted just the right thing, and silver was it. These boots, with their stylish cuff and brilliant silver texture, end the outfit perfectly. (I really have to tell you all—get over there. Her toe shoes and boots are incredible.)


(What if you all find out I have Level 42 on my iTunes by looking at my last.fm? Will I die of embarrassment? Thanks so much, Kas!)

Hair: Exile Voodoo greystone by Kavar Cleanslate for Exile

Skin: LionSkins-SU- sunkiss 8 by Lion Jonesford for LionSkins

Outfit: .wo. mugshots- V by Aurelia Scarpulla for .wardrobe outfitters.

Boots: *KL* Ankle Boots London Silver02 by Babette Ultsch for Kittie’s Lair

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