Why I Do Fashion for Life

Why I Do Fashion for Life

Today I offer up shots of my favorite spots on the Fashion for Life sims and an explanation of my involvement in the hopes you, my dear readers, become involved too.

Why I Do Fashion for Life

This year my involvement in Fashion for Life has been from an assistance angle. I stepped aside early in the process for RL reasons. I have not been a decision-maker for FFL this year. I didn’t choose the format, work on the website, or otherwise do PR. I handed over the general format I had developed and offered some suggestions to Cajsa Lilliehook and let her do her magic with Grace Loudon.

Why I Do Fashion for Life

I did do some background functions, like registering the designers’ payments, approving photos in Flickr, setting the SLurls—mostly tedious crap that necessarily has to be done to get to the real goal. It’s work I was familiar with—I had done it before. Sometimes you step in and do the dishes because someone else made the meal. Nevertheless, it took time and work, and I offered it freely because of my commitment to RFL in SL.

Why I Do Fashion for Life

I am not committed to this work because I have a personal intimate experience with cancer. I have no tragic story to tell about cancer. My parents are both alive and in good health. My husband and son are well. No one in my immediate family has cancer. And with the grace of God and better habits, we never will.

Why I Do Fashion for Life

This is why: cancer research has guided us how to adjust our lifestyles to increase our avoidance of cancer. We wear sunscreen religiously, we don’t smoke, we eat more fruits and vegetables (especially me), we get mammograms, pap smears, and colonoscopies on schedule, we exercise more regularly, we don’t drink a lot of alcohol, and we try to give ourselves over to a positive outlook on life that embraces life but doesn’t naively deny our own personal impact on our chances of having cancer.

Why I Do Fashion for Life

I can not emphasize enough that the research that has been done over the past 100 years into the etiology of cancer has been what has decreased our chances of suffering from cancer. In fact, millions of people are saved every year simply by the information available to us now about cancer-preventative habits. And that information comes from the research done by those who receive extensive grants from organizations like the American Cancer Society.

Why I Do Fashion for Life

So when I put time into RFL or I donate a sponsorship (as I did) or I purchase an item at Fashion for Life (which I did many times—darn gachas), I am investing in my own future. By giving a small donation to the American Cancer Society, I am helping slowly whack away at the many complex elements that contribute to the variety of cancers that exist. It’s that simple.

Why I Do Fashion for Life

If you think you don’t have a personal stake in Relay for Life or the American Cancer Society, think about it as I do and donate a little bit while having a little fun at Fashion for Life. Enjoy the beautiful sims and fashion, buy some items that kick some money to RFL, drop a few linden in the kiosks. Make an investment in your own future.

Why I Do Fashion for Life

Photos top to bottom:

FFL Excursion by Barnesworth Anubis

FFL Meander by Grace Loudon

FFL Parade by Pluto Fairey

FFL Perambulate by Éclair Martinek

FFL Trek by Troy Vogel

FFL Amble by Bianca Bender

FFL Promenade by Rathmeous Dagger

FFL Voyage by Jara Lowell

FFL Wander by Grace Loudon and Rathmeous Dagger

FFL Journey by TotalLunar Eclipse

Why I Do Fashion for Life

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