Normally I do photos but today I am showing a video that my friend Phobos Jamberoo made so he could help me show the revamped RendeZvous animator. It’s been around a while (8 years!) but JenzZa Misfit and Valdarica Vale have completely redone the scripts on the animator since it’s first iterations. Now you can enjoy all the fun of it (walking together, sitting together, dancing, kissing, etc.) with new features such as same region teleporting, camera sharing, adjustment memory (so if you’re tall like Phobos and shorter like me, you can adjust the animations and it sticks), updated animations and transitions and some new poses. Our favorite new thing was, of course, the canoe, which rezzes and gives you paddles. It’s great fun to take it around the water on a sim.

If you want to try this, bring a friend and go to Muse Isle, where they have set up a whole area for checking out the RendeZvous II. There is a swimming/canoeing area, walking paths, sitting areas—the whole scenario for getting the gist of the animator. You can also purchase the animator at Vista Animations, DMC Creations, the Dublin Shop and on Marketplace.

Animator: The RendeZvous II Couples Walker & Animator by JenzZa Misfit and Valdarica Vale for Muse Isle *


3 thoughts on “Rendezvous

  1. Hi galacaproni! RendeZvous is a vehicle product , so it is similar to poseballs – it has a cube that must be rezzed on the land. Then you sit on the cube and a 2nd cube appears for your passenger. Hope this helps!

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