Building a Better You

Building a Better You

The word is out on the grid. The Belleza Mesh body for women is almost ready to be released. Tricky Boucher is this close > < to making many women’s (and men’s) dreams come true. I was disgustingly lucky to get my hands on one of the first copies sent out and I put it through its paces.

First, let me say, I have not been a huge user of mesh body parts. I have blogged them here but it’s not my thing. Big boobs, a ginormous butt: nothing could quite convince me that it was “me” inside that rubber suit.

So is it all that? Yeah. It kinda is.

I got the very small package (not a lot in there), wore it right over my own shape, popped on a Belleza skin (this one being part of Shyla Diggs’ Claudia set), threw on the HUD, and away I went. There was so little to do except wear the alpha and the HUD and click to match the skin! I didn’t have to adjust my shape or wear a billion different layers or even lose my own face. I didn’t feel like I was wearing someone else’s body. I was just building a better me.

Building a Better You

Made from fitted mesh, using all the features of the SL client, the body has been shaped and rigged to perfection, and believe me, I looked. I bent my body to see how the joints looked. I peeked between legs and under arms and did a thorough inspection of the booty (which is always my bugaboo on mesh bodies—thigh gap and ass divots leave me cold). This body is perfection.

Even more perfection came when I changed my shape to make a shorter and curvier girl. Moving sliders for my torso, breasts, legs, and body shape did nothing to make the mesh body distort grossly or make a body that wasn’t fully womanly. I LOVED the rounder girl I was able to create from working on my shape. Look at those thighs. Look at that butt! I know a lot of ladies in SL struggle with their body image. This is a full body we can be proud of and pleased with.

I am very happy with my face so all I need is the body, which is a great option to have. I will say the joint where the mesh body meets the system head is a little funky, but I think that’s to be expected. If I wore a mesh head, that might go away. I didn’t fuss about it. I want my Harper face too darn much.

Building a Better You

The HUD allows you in several screens to do a multiplicity of things. Screen one, you can find your preset skin. Right now they accommodate Belleza skins and other presets but that will change as they bring in other creators’ appliers.

Screen two allows you to reveal or hide parts of the body using alphas, so you CAN wear your mesh clothes without appliers. Yay! I tested this quite a lot and found that the alphas didn’t always fit the clothes, but come on, Tricky has sliced and diced the body to within a few pixels. It does mostly what it has to do. I hope perhaps in the future he can work with creators to make custom alpha layers on his body as an applier.

Screen three gives you natural or push up breasts, and the push ups are not just a trick of the eye with a cleavage layer. They honestly push up. You can also choose your nipple color on this screen, and they are delightfully colored.

Screen four is one of my favorites. On this screen you can choose from among 12 different hand versions to be worn on the left and right sides and also choose a nail color. Again, I am hoping creators will be able to add to this.

Screen five allows you to choose foot shape and the feet replicate in size and angle the Slink feet or the JD feet. I loved these two screens because all I had to do was click to change a hand or foot, not pour through my inventory to find the one I wanted and add alphas and then find appliers for the skin tone of the hands and feet and so on. Click and it was done!

This is not to say you have to give up your Slink hands. They have enclosed a separate Slink skin applier to work with your hands and feet if you are attached to those “attachments.” I can see why people who have invested in these pieces will want to keep them, especially with the extensive network of appliers and add-ons.

The final screen gives you instant access to all things Belleza. The HUD sits in the upper right hand corner, which is a seldom utilized HUD position so it won’t get in the way of other stuff. However I was closing chat a lot to get at the HUD! (I am sure there is a setting in my client to stop the chat from appearing there.) Of course the option is to reattach the HUD to another corner but it’s clearly built to be in that corner (tabs on the left side) and works well there as HUDs attach in other corners.

New Note: Price is going to be 3995L for this body as you see it with the HUD. Got that straight from Belleza.

Yeah, I am pretty excited and happy that Tricky has brought this out. He has been working on this a long time, and I think he has done a fabulous job (with Shyla). I finally feel like I have built a better me.

Building a Better You

Body: -Belleza- Venus by Tricky Boucher for –Belleza-, coming out this week!! (He told me Wednesday.)

14 thoughts on “Building a Better You

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    • The gist of my review had to do with the ease of use the body has and how little time I have to fuss with it beyond its evident beauty. I evaluated the Belleza mesh body as a pretty new user (I think I made it clear it’s not my thing to wear mesh bodies). I shouldn’t have to move anything, change anything, accommodate anything and it should work and fit. For the most part it did. Almost everything was instantly and easily understandable from a relatively advanced SL user, albeit not a mesh body user. It’s WAY better than anything I have ever tried out. I think I made that pretty clear too. My quibble with the HUD placement and the neck are both viable concerns, albeit small. There is no “retrofit” button instantly discernable (did you see it on the HUD because I didn’t) and the HUD is where it is when it’s worn without modification from me.

      • I haven’t tried this one so not sure if it has a retrofit for the neck or not. I just know that others do and I assumed it would be the same in this case. Could it have another name perhaps? I took it from your post that the demo isn’t available to the general public yet but if it is, I’d definitely like to give it a try.

        With the HUD movement, I think moving a HUD to a preferred spot is a generally accepted practice and just mentioning that you preferred it elsewhere and moved it would have sufficed. But I understand if you want a “pure” experience of the item right out of the box. :)

  3. Also, about the neck. I’ve seen other creators have a “retrofit” neck button on their HUD which will pop the neckline right into place. There’s probably one on there somewhere.

  4. I appreciate you taking the time to mod and show it with a curvier shape, that’s been my main concern for full mesh bodies (sans head) that some of the ones that have come out are great for slim shapes but really can’t carry curves well. Those fuller legs are fabulous so this seems to be a step in the right direction, and I’m very pleased that they will work with Slink shoe shapes! Definitely going to have to mess around with a demo when it’s released.

  5. I think I must have misunderstood, Harper… are you saying you don’t like moving the hud? Surely not. No hud is ever in the right place as it is personal. I move mine all the time.

  6. I love! This post, thanks Harper! I, like you, do not wear a mesh body very often since they can be laggy. But funny thing you mention, I only wear one when I want to shoot a blog pic fast and don’t want a lot of editing borked elbows and knees, so I understand and dislike a HUD that opens right on top of you. I do understand why it’s done that way tho. Bc as a laptop only user I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put on a hud only to bot see it anywhere bc it’s in a corner somewhere off my screen. I can’t imagine the hassle if someone is on a tablet. So then I have to waste time to build a prim and edit the screen to a smaller size so I can find it and move it. That said, still a pain.. but the info about the neck is a Def deal breaker for me. Why? Because there goes the reason I wear a mesh body.. so I don’t have to do a lot of post editing. Excellent and truly unbiased description. Thanks and have a wonderful day! ♡

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