A House is a Home

a house is a home where the chores are never done
where you spend your whole life running to and from
and if the life that you live is not the life you choose
make your child a home and start anew

~ “A House is a Home” by Ben and Ellen Harper

A House is a Home

As I blogged yesterday, my trip to the Home and Garden Expo 2014 was very fruitful. I found many home treasures for both exterior and interior. I decorated one room of Froukje Hoorenbeek’s fabulous villa with a few treasures to share. Most of them are donation items at Home and Garden Expo 2014 , which means that 100% of the money earned from their sale goes to Relay for Life in SL. It seems like a gimme: get something awesome and donate to RFL all at once.

So let me tick through some of these items. First, Eku Zhong, who makes some awesome stuff, is co-sponsoring a sim at H.G.E. and she has donated the money from the sale of the brown leather sofa and chaise plus a black set and some other goodies to RFL. Eku does absolutely great textures and buildings for her business (as well as sexy shoes for her other label, Koikoi). I broke down and bought her Dragonfly Cottage at the H.G.E.

A House is a Home

Loz Hyde is also co-sponsoring a sim at H.G.E. and he is offering this coffeetable and a similarly-shaped ottoman for donation. I recolored the table to match the décor (thank you for leaving it mod, Loz). The stately armchair in the corner is one of a set of chairs that Apple Fall is offering with full donation going to RFL.

A House is a Home

John2010 Dexler has made a few things for the H.G.E. including the artwork above the fireplace from Cleom Bailey. I framed it in black (thank you, Stephen) so it would stand out against the great wallpaper Froukje made for this room. Rod Eun specializes in “low prim” furniture, which means textures on prim blocks, but they look good and are inexpensive and his blanket chest here donates 100% to RFL as does the awesome samovar from Rusalka Writer. Plato Novo is providing a set of lamps with pithy quotes on the shades for RFL’s cause and Laurent83 Waco made the tray that brightens up the room with croissant and tea.

And here is a shot of Froukje’s lovely villa in the full sun.

A House is a Home

Villa: Dutchie Villa Utrecht  by Froukje Hoorenbeek for Dutchie, available at the Home Expo 2014 *


Thank you, Etrone, for getting me through this!

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