The Clerihew

Fashionista Harper Beresford
Blogs what all this great hair is for.
She went shopping to satisfy her muse
and came home with a shitload of shoes.

~ Me

The Clerihew

I subscribe to A.Word.A.Day, and this week they are featuring light poetry words. One of the words was “clerihew.”




noun: A humorous, pseudo-biographical verse of four lines of uneven length, with the rhyming scheme AABB, and the first line containing the name of the subject.

Of course, I had to take my turn at it, which you see above.

I satisfied my fashionista instinct this blog post with a darling little dress from Beanster Potato that comes with her fantastic texture-change HUD that allows different top colors, all for one low price. My shoes from Kim Lysette have the same fantastic option as does my necklace from Bastchild Lotus. Even my little lunchbox from Moonbubble Gothly’s gacha at Luck of the Irish has a HUD! (And I show several versions on this blog for kicks.)

The Clerihew

Shylah Honey made waves on waves for the new Liaison Collaborative, the theme of which is Bon Voyage. I think she was trying to channel Rose with the casual elegance of these locks. (The back is just as pretty with waves tumbling down.)

Skin Fair is going on and Systi Cisse is offering two skins, one of which is this one that I wear without a mesh body but with Slink hands and feet. The face itself has a very clean gentle palette so I played with the lipstick and eyeshadow included with the skin, having a bit of fun in the process and created a lovely look, especially with Soleil Reid’s eyes from The Men’s Dept.

The Clerihew

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Gardner Rigged-Mesh by Shylah Honey for *~*Damselfly*~*, available at The Liaison Collaborative *

Skin: [sYs] SKIN – AYU M01 (brown brows) with [sYs] SKIN – Tintable Eyeshadows (modifiable color) (new) and [sYs] SKIN – AYU Tintable Lips (modifiable color) by Systi Cisse for [sYs], available at Skin Fair *

Eyes: {D.A} – Marble – Aqua by Soleil Reid for Dead Apples, available at The Men’s Dept.

Dress: 20.FIVE Mesh: Sus Dress by beanster Potato for 20.FIVE *

Necklace: L&B “Pear Drop” Necklace by BastChild Lotus and Paul Lapointe for Lapointe and Bastchild *

Lunch box: [ bubble ] Random Lunch Box by Moonbubble Gothly for [ bubble ], available at The Luck of the Irish *

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 Casual and Bag by Siddean Munro for Slink

Nail appliers: Flair – Fingernails Applier Slink A/E – set 223 by Sasy Scarborough for Flair *

Shoes: [LaVian&C0] FW2015 Amanda Heel by Kim Lysette for LaVian & Co. *

Poses by Fanny Willis for Everglow *

The Clerihew

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