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I recently signed up to be auctioned off at the Celebrity Auction for Mad Pea, benefiting Live & Learn in Kenya, run by Brique Topaz in world. I am begging you all to bid on me so I don’t have to ask my dad to do so. (And yes, yes I would ask him and knowing him, I would get 50L.) I realize that there are a ton of wonderful people up for grabs, including my beautiful partner, Callie Cline, so consider me a bargain buy because I am guessing the rest will go for a mighty sum. (I have spent time with Alexa Linden at SLCC and believe me, you’re gonna want to strap yourself in for quite a fun ride!)

Above and beyond my endless gratitude, I will be offering to the lucky winner time spent with me in scintillating conversation and their choice of a feature in this very blog for themselves or their organization, a variety box of homemade cookies sent at the holidays (provided I get their address), postage paid, OR my voice on their home answering machine sent via mp3 (if you find Midwestern women’s accents exotic, this might be the one for you!)

The auction boards open at 8 am slt on September 25 (today) and the auctions will wind up with a live auction on Sunday, September 27. I will be up for grabs at 3 pm, long after everyone has blown the big bucks on the big names.

Come throw me a bone and throw the folks in Kenya some money. Blog, cookies or my sultry Midwestern voice—you decide! Click on the photo you see at this location and bid me up!!!

Buy Me!

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